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"RomBox Charts The Hits" is based on actual downloads, man-on-the-street surveys, reviews, peer insight, traditional radio airplay, requests for lyrics, and such. If you get a panic attack trying to look and listen to multimedia on the web, click the panic button at the bottom of the page.

Today's Instant MP3's

  1. Paranoid? Nah... I'm Just Glad I'm Not Ozzie (Technodance Mix) (More Info.)
  2. Look Me In The Eye (More Info.)
  3. A Volatile Mix (More Info.)
  4. I Won't Deny
  5. Blah, Blah, Blah
  6. Rastafarian Techno Jig (More Info.)
  7. Gotta Be Something Better Than This
  8. Legend Of A Mind Available Only On Video
  9. My Sharona (More Info.)
  10. Weary (More Info.)
  11. Nowhere To Go
  12. Too Harsh (More Info.)
  13. State Of Bliss
  14. Bottom Of A Bottomless Pit (More Info.)
  15. Supper's Ready (More Info.)
  16. Can't Stop Thinkin' Of You (More Info.)
  17. Sparsity (More Info.)
  18. Independence Day (More Info)
  19. Smoke On The Water Techno-Jig Mix (More Info.)
  20. Crazy?
  21. All Aboard The Last Train
  22. Don't Open Pandora's Rombox (More Info.)
  23. Tether (Part 3) (More Info.)
  24. Exotic
  25. Fly Like An Eagle (More Info.)
  26. The Total Distortion Of Reality Available On Video Only
  27. A Gathering Of Souls (More Info.)
  28. Do You Have Any Idea? (More Info.)
  29. Mary (More Info.)
  30. (What's So Funny) 'Bout Peace, Love & Understanding (More Info.)
  31. If That Won't Do It....
  32. Black Dog (More Info.)
  33. The Way It Is

Tomorrow's Hits Today

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Seasonally Adjusted

These songs are all in the Top 40. Since they have to do with holidays and the seasons, they are listed separately.
  1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  2. Yankee Doodle on the 4th of July
  3. Snow Angels
  4. Scary As Halloween
  5. Do You Here What I Here?
  6. A Chaotic Christmas
  7. We Three Kings
  8. I Hate Easter (Jesus F'n Christ)

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