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The Paradox of Pandora's RomBox


Can you solve the Paradox of Pandora's
If you can see through to the simple truth, we will send you a free reward!

Pandora's Rombox

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The key is on the inside,
and you are not.
Though your guess is warm,
It's not hot.

The fee that you shall pay,
is due today.
(It's on its way?)

The key is inside.
You can't hide,
"On The Inside"

The key is inside.
When it sees the light,
the turn will tide...

"On The Inside"

The Box,
won't be outfoxed.
The Box,
won't be outfoxed.

The key,
For a fee...?
Are you tellin',
Or asking me?

The key is in.
The key is in.
The key is in.

Are you aware,
Of how it got there?

Are you aware?

Can You Figger The Paradox?

The facts: Pandora's is a magical and mystical box. It is made of solid construction. In fact, it is indestructible. It's lock is tamper-proof.

Old wives tales: Inside the box is the very meaning of life. Some say to open it will unleash all the goodness in your soul... allowing you to live in utopia.

The Paradox of Pandora's Rombox: the key to Pandora's is on the inside of the box.

Given these facts, how can you open the box?

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How can you open the box?

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