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Industrial Noize Pollution @ http://membrane.com/noize.html
goes on the
Urban Assault

The ultimate in extreme sports multimedia...
digital videos featuring
the Urban Assault Pro. & Amateur Skating Teams.

Click here to get at the guts of it or see below for the individual listings. In-line skaters of the extreme degree.

The Digital Videos & Soundtracks

BONUS TRACKS: Gravity Games, Helter Skelter & 186,000 Miles Per Second

  1. On The Urban Assault
    Microsoft .avi video (2.5M) | MP3 .wav soundtrack

  2. The Bugs Bunny Shave'na Haircut
    Microsoft .avi video (6.5M) | MP3 .wav soundtrack

  3. Black Dog*
    Microsoft .avi video (4.5M) | MP3 .wav soundtrack | MPEG4 .avi video

  4. Far Away
    Microsoft .avi video (4M) | MP3 .wav soundtrack

  5. No Noize, Alright?
    Microsoft .avi video (6.5M) | MP3 .wav noize

  6. Rolling Thunder (The Sound Of Wheels)
    Microsoft .avi video (8.5M) | MP3 .wav soundtrack | MPEG4 .avi video

  7. Just Wheels
    Microsoft .avi video (7M) | MP3 .wav soundtrack

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These graphics, images, text copy, sights or sounds may not be used without our expressed written consent. All music was written by the Philadelphia Spirit Experiment except *Black Dog (which is a Led Zeppelin cover.)