A Star. A Star.

Following yonder... We Traverse Afar
original words and music by John H. Hopkins
adapted by the Philadelphia Spirit Experiment

A Convergence

There are many theories about the 3 Kings. But the way I've got it figured, they must have come from three different places. After all, how could there be three kings from the same land?

The arrangement is based on this theory. Three separate entities... traveling in the same direction until they converge on Thy perfect light.

Finding Meaning in the Present

To find out more about how this song is relevant in today's world, please click here.

Multimedia Downloads

Features live music footage combined with NASA animation of a "pulsing, bursting neutron star."

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Eastern Guitar Riff
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Convergence Video Clip
3.4M .avi 360 x 240

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"Perfect Light" Reprise
5M .wav 22kHz stereo
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Higher Quality Soundtrack
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Full Length Video
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