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"RomBox Charts The Hits" is based on actual downloads, man on the street surveys, reviews, peer insight, traditional radio airplay, requests for lyrics, and such. The following links will take you to a webpage where you can look at information about the music, listen to downloadable songs, and view videos. If you get panic attack trying to look and listen to multimedia on the web, click the panic button at the bottom of the page.

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These songs jumped into the top 1000 and are speeding like a bullet.

Smoke On The Water (Technojig Mix)
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Top Songs & Multimedia Pages

  1. The Total Distortion of Reality
  2. The Imp Medely
  3. Do You Have Any Idea?
  4. What's that... the Jig Up, Jack?
  5. The Paradox Of Pandora's RomBox
  6. Anudder Stone On Da Wall (part 2)
  7. MegaEpix Enormous
  8. Just Like Rocky
  9. Legand Of A Mind
  10. Think
  11. Passages Of The Labyrinth
  12. Critters
  13. Get Me Outta Here!
  14. The Spirit Of Freedom
  15. The Inside Of Your Brain
  16. Rittenhouse Square
  17. Warning Signs
  18. Voices In The Sky
  19. Oh! That's Sweet
  20. It's A Trag a D
  21. Chaos Theory
  22. No Time?
  23. Immigrant Song
  24. Nuttin' But a Webdrone
  25. Give Your Heart an Attack

Seasonally Adjusted

These songs are all in the Top 40. Since they have to do with holidays and the seasons, they are listed separately.
  1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  2. A Heavenly Piece
  3. Snow Angels
  4. Scary As Halloween
  5. Do You Here What I Here?
  6. A Chaotic Christmas
  7. We Three Kings

Indexes, Record Labels, Projects and Zines

  1. Philadelphia's PhilFlix
  2. cd /industrial/noize/pollution
  3. Treasures
  4. MPEG Directory
  5. Glistening Flick's Cutting Room Floor
  6. The Rock N' Roll Romper Room
  7. 2x Taxation
  8. Smokin' Blue Grass
  9. Anudder Stone On Da Wall
  10. Concert to Benefit Relief from the Psychedelic Awe Tax
  11. S.I.D.D.
  12. CDROM #10
  13. MegaEpix Enormous
  14. The Labyrinth
  15. Glistening Trail Records
  16. Snake Handling Immortal Snake Handlers
  17. RomBox.Com
  18. CDROM #9
  19. Tunnel Under
  20. Yore Killin' Me
  21. Electric Slugs
  22. The Cave Dwellers
  23. Paradox of Pandora's RomBox
  24. Watch For Falling Angels
  25. Mother Nature's Sons
  26. Caustic Acoustics
  27. Miles To Oz
  28. Bass Sick Instinks
  29. 999
  30. To Cause A Change

Pandora's RomBox