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RomBox Top 40 rates music, websites, video clips, and sound effects. Ratings are based on actual downloads, man on the street surveys, reviews, peer insight, traditional radio airplay, request for lyrics, and such. The following links will take you to a webpage where you can look at information about the music and listen to downloadable songs. If you get paniced about trying to look and listen to multimedia on the web, click the panic button at the bottom of the page.


  1. The Ride
    by The Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers
  2. Give Your Heart an Attack
    by The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment
  3. Well, Baby
    by Smokin' Blue Grass
  4. 3rd Planet from the Sun
    by Acoustics of The Chaos Theory
  5. Steppin' Stone
    by Catching Flies
  6. Info-Combustable
    soundtrack for Yore Killen' Me
  7. Drastic Undertow
    by Drastic Undertow
  8. Waiting In The Wings
    by Spagg
  9. Webdrones
    from Drastically Fantastic Butt Bootin' Music
  10. Can't Hang
    by Stop That Noise
  11. Hay...
    by The Jongleurs
  12. Let The Wagons Roll!
    by Spontaneous Combustion
  13. Daddy
    by Dog's Tooth Violet
  14. Strength of a Black Woman
    by Gray Matters
  15. Scream Dream
    by Bass Sick In Stinks
  16. Reach On Through
    by A Buzz
  17. Beware!
    by Mother Nature's Suns
  18. When You Reign, I'm Poor
    by cd d:\industrial\noize\pollution
  19. Mad Clown Song
    by The Electric Slugs
  20. The Costs & Benefits of Propheteering
    by The Soul Receptacles

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  1. cd d:\industrial\noize\pollution
  2. The Labyrinth
  3. Yore Killin' Me
  4. Smokin' Blue Grass
  5. Honey Bane
  6. Acoustics of The Chaos Theory
  7. Spontaneous Combustion
  8. Drastically Fantastic Butt Bootin' Music
  9. Watch For Falling Angels
  10. The Electric Slugs


  1. The Ride
    by The Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers
  2. King Of Police
    by Yzark
  3. The Man Over There?
    soundtrack for The Labyrinth


  1. Burp
  2. Toilet
  3. Ding
  4. This Is A Pig
  5. Crashing Glass
  6. Planer
  7. Oh, Dear!

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