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Nuttin' But a Webdrone

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We are the drones of the web, are we.
Will they ever set us free or let us be?
Drone Bee? Drone Bee?

We are the drones of the web, are we.
We've got to turn the pages, must we?
... a drone bee.

We are the slaves of the web, that's us.
Come on, Come on. Jump on. Join the fuss.
Home again.

We are the drones of the web.
Don't you think...
that you can get free, with me?
Drone Bee?

I don't know the Queen, not me.
I'm just a drone, just a drone bee...
a slave to the web, that's me...
a slave to the web.

Spin the web.
Spin the web.
Spin the web....

Catch A Buzzzzzz

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