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MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group. The group has developed compression standards that help make high quality audio and/or video available over the Internet with 1/20th of the download time.

The audio files end in the extension .wav. The video files end in the extension of .avi. Your operating system must have the appropriate drivers installed to hear and see these files. If you have a newer system, you should be able to experience these types of files automatically.

Many browsers are set-up to start streaming these files as soon as you click on the link; however, if your connection is less than a 128Kbps, you may experience choppy playback. In this case, you should hit your pause button until the file is most of the way downloaded onto your machine.

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MIT Technology Review Interview with The Membrane Domain on MPEG4
Click here for information on downloading mpeg4 players.
An Interview with KDE About DIVX and MPEG4

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