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The Airfoil loudspeaker is a revolution. It has exciting new technology wrapped in a form that is beautiful, unique and sculptural. It looks and sounds better. Most importantly, the Airfoil is a conduit to the inner heart of your favorite music! So welcome to the brave new world of sound reproduction…where the Impact Airfoil loudspeaker becomes an invisible masterpiece right before your eyes!

We knew you wanted it all - A huge sound and great imaging, tight bass, great horizontal dispersion and shielded to boot! Well, the Charisma is the answer to your prayers. It can sing like a bird and, in the next breath, take a hit from an elephant gun and never loose its cool. The Charisma is what we all want to be: thin, good looking, and composed, with an unforgettable personality and a rock-solid perspective.

Don't do it if you can't do it right - that's our motto! In audio, if most builders lived by that creed 90% of all under $1,000 subs would have to go! Not the LaBomba! This baby is designed for music and low frequency effects. It's unique design gives it away - unidirectional, slot loaded, superior driver, you name it. The LaBomba delivers the goods in a tight, controlled way that makes most subs seem like they are retaining water.

We, and our customers, who were hounding us about ‘mo better, didn’t want the Charisma to be an only child, so we had to do a larger speaker. Our answer was the Vento, which shatters the typical performance envelope of two-way speakers. It is, at once, simple and powerful and offers all the benefits of a fine small monitor. Except, of course, that it’s 6.5" woofer is loaded with our unique PCLline and provides real bass down to the low 30’s! Users love them (for home theater and music) for their sweet sound and power handling. The Vento hits the mark, and looks good doing it thanks to beautiful wood veneers and classic lines.

This is a test. Do you think the phrase "audiophile center channel" constitutes an oxymoron? Think again or better yet, audition the Median. This dialogue speaker does what it is supposed to – it supports film sound by providing accurate timbre, wide horizontal dispersion, and excellent power handling. Moreover, the Median mates with almost any home theater rig, offering excelent coherence with the rest of the system. In addition, it’s size makes it a charm to install in tight spaces. (only 6" tall and 10.25" deep). If a center channel can never be too thin or sound too big, then the Median is destined to become a star.