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The Vento represents our continued work in the area of high performance loudspeakers. Taking the line loaded, two-way configuration of the Charisma to a new level led to the birth of the Vento, a full range speaker with awesome dynamic capabilities. This product redefines what is possible from a two-way design and brings into clear focus the Impact philosophy, namely the benefits of a small driver / simple speaker topology. The PCL line construction of the Vento cabinet provides a perfect platform for the drivers to launch clean, quick, uncolored sound.

The design goal of the Vento was predicated on the audiophile’s wish for the quickness and imaging of a small monitor melded with the power of a large multi-driver speaker. The Vento hits this mark and the results are impressive with quick, tight bass to below 30 cycles! The Vento is available in natural cherry and black ash finishes.

Unique looks, breathtaking sound, gold standard parts and rock solid cabinets demonstrate our commitment to quality. Our pricing brings sanity back to audiophile loudspeakers. One listen to Impact Technology products and you'll realize that...

Size (W,H,D)
9" x 44.75" x 21"

100 lbs. each

Frequency Response
29 Hz to 20 KHz +/- 2.5 dB

87dB / 1 watt / 1 meter

Speaker Type
Two way transmission line

6.5” Composite AL / Pulp / Butyl

1" Fabric Dom

Crossover Point
2,100 cycle