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The LaBomba Sub Woofer offers tight deep bass for home theater sound. It mates perfectly with the Charisma and other small monitors. The LaBomba is easy to place because of it’s design, which loads the woofer with a slot to provide unidirectional sound and to maximize speed, extension and linearity. An added benefit of this approach is lower distortion and coloration. The LaBomba features a built-in 100 watt amplifier with phase and crossover point selection and high and low level inputs. The LaBomba is finished in satin black to match the Charisma.

Unique looks, breathtaking sound, and rock solid cabinets speak of our commitment to quality. Our pricing structure shows our commitment to value. Whem you listen to the LaBomba When you hear the Charisma you will immediately realize that...

Size (W,H,D)
13.5" x 18" x 18.5"

60 lbs. each

Frequency Response
26 Hz to 200 Hz +/- 3 dB

92dB / 1 watt / 1 meter

Speaker Type
Slot Loaded / Modified Transmission Line

10” Aluminum Cone

100 Watt Solid State, built-in, auto power on

Phase / Level
Selectable from 0° / 180° / variable output

Crossover Control
Variable 40 Hz to 200 Hz, 12dB / octave

Input / Output
Line, Hi-Level, Sub / Line, High Level