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Airfoil Tower & ; Coupling Woofer

Multi-Dr iver Line Array with Coupling Woofer

< font size="2" color="red">Size (W,D,H)
17& #148; x 22.5” x 62”

110 Lbs. each

Frequency Respo nse
80 Hz to 20 KHz, +/- 1.5 dB

90 dB / 1 watt / 1 meter

8 Ohms

Driver Compliment
Airfoil Tower
Nine Airfo il Bending Wave Drivers

Coupling Woofer (sealed box)
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Two 6.5” Poly Cone Woofers

Series Network, First Order

< font size="2" color="red">Crossover Point
170 Hz


Balanced Force Compre ssion Design

Size (W,D,H)
18.5” x 17” x 31”

55 lbs each

Solid State, 1,000 Watt
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Frequency Response
19 Hz to 80 Hz +1.0 dB / - 3.0 Db

Driver Compl iment
Two 12” Doped Paper Cone Woofe rs

Electronic Crossover

Size (W,D,H)
16” 8” x 3”

10 Lbs

Two Selectable; Balanc ed and Un-Balanced

Output, High Pass
Balance d and Un-Balanced

Output, Low Pass
Balanced and Un-Balanced

High Pass
Fixed 80 Hz at 18 dB per octave

Low Pass
Fixed 80 Hz at 18 dB per octave

Overall Gain
Variable Attenuator< /font>

Low Pass Gain
Variable Attenuator

< font size="2">Selectable 0/180 Degrees

DC/Battery/200 hrs per charge

Sometimes it takes a revolution to get at something simple. Li stening to music should be simple. It should involve you in the music, not the t echnology! When you settle down and queue up your favorite disc, your audio syst em should be an unseen conduit, not a glaring impediment, and should become the shortest distance between you and the music.

The Airfoil loud speaker is such a revolution. It has exciting new technology (see our white paper) wrapped in a form that is beautiful, unique and sculptural. It looks and sounds better. Most impor tantly, the Airfoil is a conduit to the inner heart of your favorite music! So w elcome to the brave new world of sound reproduction…where the Impact Airfoi l loudspeaker becomes an invisible masterpiece right before your eyes!

The heart of the AIRFOIL V is a line source tower utilizing nine Impact pate nted Airfoil drivers in a vertical array. This is a true line source with excellent imaging and extended vertical and horizontal dispersion. The panel takes advantage of the ultra-low distortion and wide bandwidth of the individual drivers to achieve stunning resolution and transparency. The array covers frequencies from 170 Hz to over 20 KHz, eliminating the need for crossover points in the critical mid frequencies. This insures remarkable reproduction of inner detail and preserves phase and time accuracy.

The Airfoil array is mated to a sealed-box coupling woofer that utilizes two 6.5” drivers in an ultra-linear alignment. The coupling woofer operates from 170 Hz to 55 Hz where the signal is passed off to our patented Balanced Force Compression Subwoofer. This unique device reproduces the balance of the low frequencies to 17 Hz. The Balanced Force loading configuration insures linear response without extra intrusive technology (servos) and eliminates nearly all of the vibration and therefore the coloration associated with most subs.

The AIRFOIL V is supplied with a passive, first order series crossover network between the array and the coupling woofer and an active crossover, which includes level and variable phase control for the subwoofer signal. The subwoofers are powered by built-in 250 watt solid state amplifiers.