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Size (W,H,D)
6" x 25" x 1.75"

25lbs. (each)

Frequency Response
42 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 3 dB

87dB / 1 watt / 1 meter

Speaker Type
Two Way / PCLline Loaded

4" Composite AL/Pulp/Butyl (shielded)

Tweeter Std. / 2000
1" Fabric Dome (shielded) /
1" Fabric Dome with Diecast
Body and Tuning Chamber

Crossover Point
2,100 Hz

Finish Std. / Plus
Satin Black Paint / Clear Coat Metallic Paint

The Charisma employs our unique PCLline design, which provides superior bass performance from small woofers and narrow enclosures. The Charisma's highly articulate sound and natural timbre are also derived from this unique line loading technology. The PCLline eliminates port noise while creating a near flat impedance curve across the speakers frequency bandwidth. The heavily braced cabinet provides the perfect platform for the drivers to launch time aligned and uncolored sound. Moreover, dynamic capabilities have not been ignored - the Charisma can easily handle 150 - 200 watts and master the most demanding music or movie soundtrack.

The design goal of the Charisma was predicated on the audiophile's desire for the (typically) superior imaging and quickness of a small monitor. Our response included implementing PCLline technology. This makes the Charisma a stand out performer in respect to its visual and sonic presence and price.

The Charisma is available in a basic satin black and in plus finishes (a rich color pallet of subtle clear coat metallic finishes). Also available is the Charisma2000 model, which incorporates driver and crossover upgrades aimed at the discerning user who demands the highest level of performance. The Charisma2000 includes the plus level finish.

The Charisma was born out of unique thinking and has been executed with extreme care and excellent parts. When you hear the Charisma you will immediately realize that...