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"RomBox Charts The Hits" is based on actual downloads, man-on-the-street surveys, reviews, peer insight, traditional radio airplay, requests for lyrics, our licensing arrangements with and Napster, and such. Let us know which of the following songs is your favorite by emailing".

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  1. I Am There MPEG4 Music Video(More Info.)
  2. Rockin' @ the Grape Street (Russian Version) MP3 MPEG4 Music Video (More Info.)
  3. How Many Miles? (More Info.)
  4. Big Deal
  5. When The Bottom Falls Out (More Info.)
  6. Plans (More Info.)
  7. Whipping Post (Janis Joplin Influenced Allman Brothers' Coversong) (More Info.)
  8. Fly (More Info.)
  9. Contrails (More Info.)
  10. Best Weapon (More Info.)
  11. Aiax Aches (More Info.)
  12. TNT (AC/DC salute)
  13. Reason To Play (More Info.)
  14. Music To My Ears (More Info.)
  15. Tangled (More Info.)
  16. Sugar (More Info.)
  17. Sun Potion (More Info.)
  18. America... All Right! (Ballad Version)
  19. At Will (More Info.)
  20. Mother Of The King (MPEG Music Video)
  21. 2nd Wind (More Info.)
  22. Fear For Your Life (More Info.)
  23. Thru Too (More Info.)
  24. Keep Yourself Alive (Technofried Bow to the Queen)
  25. Keep It Alive (More Info.)
  26. Ruble Rubble (More Info.)
  27. Blue Hue (More Info.)
  28. TROUBLE (More Info.)
  29. Has Stupidity Sunk In?
  30. I Don't Know Who (More Info.)
  31. Simply, Lovely (More Info.)
  32. Please Let Me Up For Air (Real Player Streaming Video)
  33. Check It Out
  34. Extenuating Circumstances (More Info.)
  35. Sundays (More Info.)
  36. Gift (More Info.)
  37. Say Bye-bye (More Info.)
  38. Stranger Than Fiction (More Info.)
  39. 186,000 Miles Per Second (More Info.)
  40. Wherever I May Go(MP3 Instrumental)
  41. Gravity Games Inspired by ELP (More Info.)
  42. Tit For Tat (Real Player Streaming Video)
  43. What Went Wrong (With Electronica Version (More Info.)
  44. Shine
  45. I Know What I Like (Genesis Live N' Technofried Coversong)
  46. Ripper
  47. Take Me (Techno Prelude)
  48. Testing 1,2,3
  49. What Went Wrong (With Live Music Video Soundtrack Version (More Info.)
  50. Topsy-turvy (More Info. & music video download)
  51. Helter Skelter (More Info. & music video download)
  52. About Time (More Info.)
  53. Just Don't Say No
  54. Is There Anybody Outside
  55. Devour Our Young (More Info.)
  56. Dreams (More Info.)
  57. Interloper?
  58. Avalanche Of Love
  59. It's All The Rage
  60. Hit It! (MPEG4 Music Video)
  61. Earthman, Can You Fly? (Streaming Real Player Video) (More Info.)
  62. Sorry, I Can't Help Myself (More Info.)
  63. Discard Hate
  64. What The Hell Is This?
  65. People Say I'm Nuts
  66. Exposed (Mini-concert)
  67. Fact Back
  68. Imp In the Crypt Smokin' Blue Grass (More Info.)
  69. Mayhem
  70. Specimen In A Jar
  71. When You Think of the Fall
  72. KingArthur.Com or Streaming Music Video (More Info.)
  73. I'm In Touch with Your World (A Tribute to the Cars)
  74. In My Vision
  75. A Higher Authority
  76. Defy Da Law
  77. Foggin' Up My Eyes (More Info.)
  78. Doubt
  79. Lovin' Life (Like a Dog With its Head Outta da Car Window) MP3 or AVI Music Video
  80. Hope We Can Join-up
  81. Lunar Conjunction
  82. It's Your Life
  83. Just This Side of the Shadows (More Info.)
  84. Can't We Just Pretty Things Up a Bit?
  85. Copious Spare Time (No Time for a Disaster)
  86. Someday
  87. Paranoid? Nah... I'm Just Glad I'm Not Ozzy (Technodance Mix) (More Info.)
  88. I Heard The Strangest Roar
  89. Blizzard Wizard MP3 or Download the Music Video
  90. Something Is Amiss
  91. All Clear of My Comfort Zone
  92. If I Tell You How Much I Love You (Will You Laugh at Me?)
  93. The Forces That Be
  94. I've Had It
  95. Dropping Like a Rock Through the Pit of My Stomach
  96. Who will be the Next to Step up to the Guillotine?
  97. I Won't Deny
  98. Can't Stop Thinkin' Of You (More Info.)
  99. No Time? (More Info.)
  100. The Total Distortion Of Reality Available On Video Only

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Seasonally Adjusted

These songs are all in the Top 40. Since they have to do with holidays and the seasons, they are listed separately.
  1. I Wanna Christmas Present (More Info.)
  2. Be My Valentine
  3. We Wish You A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year (Electronica Version) Instant MP3
  4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
  5. All Saint's Halloween Eve (instant MP3) or Streaming Real Video
  6. Independence Day (More Info)
  7. We Three Kings
  8. I Hate Easter (Jesus F'n Christ)
  9. Yankee Doodle on the 4th of July
  10. Scary As Halloween
  11. Do You Hear What I Here?

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