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How can the media ignore the fact…

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Anthony from Detroit writes:

How can the media (all) ignore the fact of the U.S. coming
off the “gold” standard ($35/oz)to a free rise or fall during Nixon era and President Reagan allowing the CEO’s, CFO’s, and Presidents of corporations to escape going to jail when they commit a crime and hide in the name of a corporation when the I.R.S. treats the corporation as an individual? If I committed the same crime as an individual, I’d go to jail.

Secondly, President Obama was handed a “Ponzi Scheme” with the $700.billion+ bail-out money, knowing full well the next President would have to continue his “rip-off of the American citizens OR print more money to cover the bad decisions of the major companies and corporations. This is a Ponzi scheme to pay out good money after bad when they knew the decisions were bad.

Nixon started this mess when we came off the gold standard and the
Republicans took advantage of the print more money to pay off bad or greedy debts.