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Let’s Put Patients and Doctors Back in Control of Healthcare!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Texas Straight Talk – A Weekly Column
Rep. Ron Paul (R) – TX 14

This week marks six months since Congress passed the healthcare reform bill in what has become all-too-typical legislative chicanery. Those in power crafted a mammoth piece of legislation and rammed it through Congress under a dire sense of emergency. Insisting on time enough to read the bill was dismissed as dangerous and crazy in a time of crisis. We were told that if we really wanted to see what was in the bill we would have to pass it first. I cannot imagine the Founding Fathers intended that Congress legislate in this manner. I would think if a member is not absolutely certain the entire legislation meets constitutional muster, the default vote should be “no” in accordance with our oath of office. But now that Congress has had six months to read the new law, there is a significant amount of buyer’s remorse on Capitol Hill.

The more constituents learn about the law, the more angry they become. 60% of Americans are now to be said in favor of repealing the entire thing. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to repeal a law than it is to pass a bill. I wrote a while back about the egregious provision to require businesses to issue 1099s for all transactions over $600 as a way to partially pay for it. I have co-sponsored legislation to fix this issue, yet this is just the tip of the iceberg.

First of all, in spite of the administration repeating over and over that this legislation would not increase costs for Americans, they are now saying they knew all along that it would. The Congressional Budget office estimates that American families will see their premiums rise by an average of $2,100 by 2016. The Wall Street Journal has reported that the cost of compliance is forcing some insurers to increase premiums by up to 20% as soon as next year. Also, in spite of repeated claims from the administration that we could all keep our plans and doctors if we liked them, the administration’s own officials are now predicting that won’t be true for up to
117 million Americans who will lose their current plans.

Major insurers are also dropping child-only plans because of mandates and price fixing on such policies leaving parents with fewer choices for their children, not more. In addition, in spite of claiming this law would contain government costs, not increase them, administration actuaries now predict it will increase healthcare spending by over $300 billion. This additional spending comes along with doctor shortages, fewer choices and more taxes, perhaps, worst of all, increases in labor cost because of health insurance mandates are discouraging employers from hiring new workers and even triggering more layoffs.

Anyone with a basic understanding of Austrian economics could have predicted the unintended consequences of these new healthcare policies. Central planning never increases choices and quality or cuts costs as promised. Price controls and government mandates always create artificial scarcity. Healthcare is not a right or privilege. It is a product, like food or clothing. As with any good or service, the free market regulation of supply and demand provides the optimal quality to the maximum number of people.

Once we realize the problems we are trying to solve today were created by government intervention beginning in the 1960s, we can begin to put patients back in control of healthcare, rather than third party oligopolies and government bureaucrats. The sooner the better.

Young Americans for Liberty declares war on Washington!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Young Americans for Liberty declares war on Washington and mobilizes hundreds of youth activists to win on principle this fall!

Our plans are set.

Now in the final weeks of campaign season, YAL is prepared to mobilize our trained activists in five key states: Kentucky, North Carolina, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Since Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign, YAL has built an active youth network, trained hundreds of our members, and organized new chapters on more than 150 campuses.

NOW is the time to activate YAL’s network!

To make a tangible impact in these targeted states and beyond, YAL activists will raise awareness about candidate positions on key issues and get voters to the polls on Election Day.

YAL has developed a leadership team and training model to recruit hundreds of committed young activists, train them in on-the-ground campaign field work, and provide them with opportunities to volunteer for local campaigns.

This influx of volunteers can make a significant difference on Election Day.

With candidate commercials flooding the airwaves and drowning out our message, grassroots activists strategically placed on the ground will have the biggest impact in November.

But, I can only move forward with this effort with your backing.

You see, YAL’s current operating budget does not include these mobilization efforts. But these additional expenditures could be the most important activities YAL accomplishes this year.

Will you help me immediately mobilize hundreds of trained youth activists into the field?

There are only 39 more days left until Election Day. You and I must act now!

Because I believe you understand what is at stake here, I have already hired three full-time staffers in North Carolina and two full-time staffers in Nevada.

I would like to hire five more field staffers this month, but I can only move forward when I receive your support.

Can you help YAL hire more staff and mobilize more activists?

A donation of $500, $250, or $100 is an investment in this effort which will directly influence our ground game.

Even if you can only pitch-in and give $50, $25, or $10, contribution is vital and will make a difference.

If you make a donation this weekend, I will email you next week with a full, detailed outline of our activities this fall in each of these five states.

This exclusive announcement is only for YAL supporters, so please contribute any amount you can afford today.

You may recall our past efforts last spring which brought more than 150 young people to Kentucky. Additionally, another 40 youth activists were deployed in North Carolina this summer.

YAL is now prepared to enhance this program and expand our reach just in time for Election Day!

YAL members mailed more than 10,000 letters to voters in Kentucky.

Forty YAL members trained in North Carolina for field work.

YAL members mailed more than 10,000 letters to voters in Kentucky.

Forty YAL members trained in North Carolina for field work.

I assure you that my staff and I will redouble our efforts and maximize our impact these last few weeks.

Please give generously and join us so hundreds of young activists can carry out our five-state plan. I will be sure to email you all the details next week if you contribute to our success.

Thank you in advance for renewing your commitment to advance our shared message. You will help YAL take advantage of this historic political opportunity before us.

I cannot wait to celebrate with you on Election Day!

For Liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

P.S.- Next week, I will reveal YAL’s five state campaign strategy, but I am only releasing this information to our supporters.

My staff and I are ready to train and mobilize literally hundreds of young activists into targeted states, but it requires me to raise enough funds first.

Every donation helps. Please pitch-in and give any amount you can. I sincerely thank you for supporting this effort to win on principle in 2010 and develop the future leaders of tomorrow.

Sharron Angle – Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Nevada

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Dear Citizens,

Harry Reid is determined to pass his extremist agenda, no matter what it costs America.

First, he voted to give special tax breaks and Social Security benefits to Illegal Aliens. Then, he smiled and clapped when the President of Mexico attacked Arizona for their tough new immigration law. Now, Reid has introduced a new plan that introduces AMNESTY for illegal immigrants.

And it’s all at YOUR expense.

You will pay for every penny of his policies. Not a faceless individual from another state, or the mythical “rich” that Reid thinks will easily pay for his “trillions” in spending.

It will be you and your children.

No wonder Harry Reid and his Democrat cronies are planning one of the largest tax increases in United States history this year when they roll back the Bush tax cuts! They’re going to need all that money to pay for their extreme agenda.

We have just one chance to defeat him and keep our money. That chance is right now. Recent polls have me leading Harry Reid and show that I can defeat him. Will you support our final push in these last few weeks before the November Election?

I’ve launched a new TV ad to get this message to every resident of Nevada. Believe me, it’s expensive. That’s why we set a $1 million dollar online fundraising goal for September. Thankfully, we blew past that goal this week so we are now hoping to raise $1.5 million. Will you help me?

In a just a few short weeks, one of two things will happen. Either I will win in November and we’ll get to work on rolling back the government health care takeover that Reid passed, extending the Bush tax cuts, and reducing the size of the Federal Government.

Or Harry Reid will win and we’ll all be spending the holiday season deciding what items we’ll be cutting back on in order to pay for his tax increases and bloated federal spending. Will it be that extra dinner out with your spouse? Will it be something even more serious, like braces for your kids? Those the are the kinds of ugly choices that Harry Reid will be forcing Americans to make if he is re-elected.

Those decisions aren’t pleasant. But those are the decisions we face.

While Harry Reid hangs out in the Ritz in DC planning how he’ll spend your money, we have to face the real decisions back home. Will you stand with me and make SURE this doesn’t happen? Will you help me make sure Reid’s agenda isn’t passed at OUR expense?

Let’s win this together.

For the cause,

Sharron Angle, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Nevada

P.S. Win or lose in a few weeks I’ll be living in Nevada, paying taxes here and watching many of my friends fight to obtain or keep a job. We must not stand by while Reid robs us of what we have left. Will you stand with me?

Paid for by Friends of Sharron Angle

A response from Kathleen Sebelius

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

We sent in a petition regarding food safety and Senate Bill 510 – “The Food Modernization and Safety Act”. The response was typical, Washington, bureaucratic BS, we are doing it to protect you nonsense.

Dear Sir,

While we will respond to the specific issues you raise as soon as we can, I wanted to let you know that your message has been received and that I appreciate your taking the time to write.

The mission of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to protect the nation’s health and provide essential human services, and, as part of that mission, we are at the forefront of the federal government’s efforts to address a wide range of critical issues and challenges. I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our work.

First, on March 23, after more than a year of extensive debate, the President signed into law health reform legislation that brings down health care costs for American families and small businesses, expands coverage to millions of Americans and ends the worst practices of insurance companies. As a result of the new law, Americans will begin to see significant benefits take effect this year, with other important reforms following shortly after. In the weeks, months, and years ahead, our department will be responsible for implementing many of these reforms. You can be assured that we are firmly committed to explaining these changes to the American people clearly, and to enacting them carefully and effectively. For information about the new law, I would encourage you to visit www.healthcare.gov.

Meanwhile, thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, we’ve made hundreds of millions of dollars available as part of a comprehensive prevention and wellness initiative, Communities Putting Prevention to Work. This new initiative supports local efforts to reduce obesity, increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and decrease smoking – the four most important things we can to do to fight chronic diseases and improve public health. And it’s right in line with the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign, which calls on Americans to work together to solve childhood obesity in a generation. You can learn more about these and other Recovery Act initiatives at www.hhs.gov/recovery.

In addition, it is a core responsibility of HHS, through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to ensure the food we eat is safe. Toward that end, I am firmly committed to working with my colleagues at the Department of Agriculture to achieve the President’s goal of upgrading and strengthening our food safety system; restoring trust in the FDA as the leading science-based regulatory agency in the world; and fulfilling our obligation to the American people to ensure that the food they purchase and serve to their families is safe to eat. For more information, please visit www.foodsafety.gov.

Finally, HHS plays a vital role in getting our children ready to learn and thrive in school, helping low-income working families struggling to make ends meet in this difficult economy, and meeting the basic needs of vulnerable populations, such as abused and neglected children, refugees, and individuals with disabilities. As the Administration works to turn around our economy, we recognize that the economic downturn has had its greatest impact on the most vulnerable among us – low-income families with children. Through child care, child support, energy assistance, and other efforts, the Department helps low-income parents and their communities weather this economic storm. We will continue to work hard to improve these programs through evidence-based approaches that make a difference for these families and children.

Again, thank you for writing.