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The War on Food

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Power-hungry statists are never satisfied.

Now they’re attempting to use a massive egg recall to shove S. 510, the so-called “Food Safety Modernization Act,” down our throats.

S. 510, through a patchwork of rules and regulations on the food “industry,” will throw America’s heartland under the government-subsidized corporatist bus as it crushes local and community producers of healthy food.

Contact your senators today to tell them to oppose S.510!

Like Cap and Tax, which will guarantee higher energy bills during these rough economic times, S. 510 will further drive up the costs of living by adding more layers of bureaucracy on food production – ensuring you pay more to meet an essential need.

Congress certainly won’t be the one tightening its belt. Section 401 of S. 510 authorizes nearly $1 billion to grow the FDA’s reach and calls for almost 4,000 new bureaucrats to be hired in fiscal year 2010 alone.

This onerous new law will apply harshly to reputable food producers like the independent family farm, where the free market works every day to provide the public with healthy choices.

Meanwhile, Big Agriculture will continue to use its well-entrenched connections to make sure it escapes serious scrutiny.

The statists have worked to replace “credible evidence” with “reasonable probability” in the U.S. Code, giving the FDA power to invade, quarantine, or shut down private property in search of any foodborne illness.

They also changed “presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals” to “is adulterated or misbranded.” What exactly constitutes adulterated? That glass of raw milk? An FDA bureaucrat will decide.

It gets worse.

The bill also grants blanket authority for federal agencies to impose international guidelines and standards on domestic food producers – giving agencies authority to harmonize all American food production and processes in line with the globalist Codex.

It should be noted that Senators Tom Harkin (D-IA), Mike Enzi (R-WY), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Judd Gregg (R-NH), Chris Dodd (D-CT), and Richard Burr (R-NC) coordinated to reach a “bipartisan” agreement to forge ahead with the otherwise stalled bill.

If you are a constituent of any of these senators, they especially need to hear from you.

Big Brother and Big Agriculture are combating the truly modern way to improve food safety by targeting the rapidly growing number of food producers who, through the free market, provide diversity and give us choices.

The establishment is pushing for more consolidation and is looking to control your food choices to make it happen. Don’t stomach another round of tyranny. Contact your senators today.

In Liberty,

John Tate


P.S. Gluttonous statists are drooling to pass not only this bill, but other assaults like DISCLOSE and Cap and Tax. If you are able, please chip in $10 today so Campaign for Liberty can stay on the offensive against any infringements on our freedoms. Use the “Share” button below to forward this message to your friends and family.

Help Stop Virtual Strip-search Legislation

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Oh yes, those legislative busybody scanners are at it again, mandating that full body imaging x-ray devices be installed in every airport in the nation by 2013, under the illusory premise of increasing safety.

This is another unconstitutional tactic that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to, but that doesn’t bother Senator Bob Bennett (R-Utah) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) who introduced S. 3536, the Securing Aircraft From Explosives Responsibly: Advanced Imaging Recognition Act of 2010, (SAFER AIR Act). “To enhance aviation security and protect personal privacy, and for other purposes,” is the leading line of the SAFE AIR bill text.

The goal of the bill must be “for other purposes,” because there will be no personal privacy when more and more travelers, both adults and children, are singled out for an extra security check that is in reality a revealing sneak peek at their anatomy, minus their clothes. Spending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars on more machines will do little to “enhance aviation security,” either, as it as already been established that the Detroit bomber’s explosives would not have been detected by such a machine, and even firecrackers have been missed.

The facts remain the same: Having a complete stranger view your almost-naked body is a violation of your privacy and civil rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. Adult and child images have been saved on these machines, even though DHS policy already forbids such practices. A weak reiteration of this policy in new legislation will have zero effect in curbing existing abuses and securing these images that are recorded and stored in the machines — machines that also have the ability to transfer those images at the click of a button. And transfer them they will, between themselves, as it says in the text of the bill:
“An image produced using advanced imaging technology that shows personal or nonstandardized images shall be transferred using a secure connection to a location that enables an employee of the Department of Homeland Security to view the image without risking the exposure of the image to the public.”

There is also the question of health concerns over the radiation exposure, especially for frequent fliers, or anyone with medical problems, prostheses, etc.

Oh sure, the bill contains pathetic attempts to include privacy clauses. One section forbids TSA personnel from having cameras near the machinery, but they really wouldn’t need this precaution because apparently the screeners are adept at saving and transferring nude images generated by these devices, having practiced on 35,000 of them already. Passengers specially picked for extra attention can always opt out of the machine scanning and instead choose the ever popular personal groping session by a person of the same sex, if one is available.

Best thing to do with this legislation is contact your senators and tell them to throw out S. 3536 when it comes before them for the sake of real privacy, health, safety, and freedom.

Currently S. 3536 sits in the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. Urging the committee members to drop the legislation now would save a lot of time and trouble down the road.


Your friends at The John Birch Society

Thomas Jefferson Quotes

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

“A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of
exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise
to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to
the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature,
are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind.
Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.”

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to
regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and
shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned –
this is the sum of good government.”

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

“Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.”

“Conquest is not in our principles. It is inconsistent with our government.”

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people…They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.”

“I abhor war and view it as the greatest scourge of mankind.”

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in
religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”

“It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”

“It is more dangerous that even a guilty person should be punished without the forms of law than that he should escape.”

“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.”

“No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms.”

“Nothing is unchangeable but the inherent and unalienable rights of man.”

“One man with courage is a majority.”

“Peace and friendship with all mankind is our wisest policy, and I wish we may be permitted to pursue it.”

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

“The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind.”

“The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive.”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Jim Rogers: The Federal Reserve Is a Pawn Shop

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Ron Paul on Larry King 1-3-08 (UNAIRED)

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Way too much common sense talk here for the TV stations to carry it!
World would already be very different if more American’s heard this then.

911 Truth Billboard in San Luis Obispo, California

Monday, August 9th, 2010

The part the commentator says about “the truth may be more than we can stand” sums it up for me.

We Must Break the Vicious Circle of Violence!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Texas Straight Talk
Rep. Ron Paul (R) – TX 14

Last week the National Bureau of Economic Research published a report on the effect of civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq that confirmed what critics of our foreign policy had been saying for years. The killing of civilians, although unintentional, angers other civilians and prompts them to seek revenge. This should be self-evident. The Central Intelligence Agency has long acknowledged and analyzed the concept blowback in our foreign policy.

It still amazes me that so many think that attacks against our soldiers occupying hostile foreign lands are motivated by hatred toward our system of government at home, or by the religion of the attackers. In fact, most of the anger toward us is rooted in reactions towards seeing their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and other loved ones, being killed by a foreign army. No matter our intention, the violence of our militarism in foreign lands causes those residents to seek revenge if innocents are killed. One does not have to be a Muslim to react this way – just human.

Our battle in Afghanistan resembles the battle against the many-headed Hydra monster in Greek mythology. According to former General Stanley McChrystal’s so-called insurgent math, for every insurgent killed, ten more insurgents are created by the collateral damage to civilians. Every coalition attack leads to six retaliatory attacks against our troops within the following six weeks, according to the NBER report. These retaliatory attacks must then be acted on by our troops, leading to still more attacks, and so it goes. Violence begets more violence. Eventually more and more Afghanis will view American troops with hostility and seek revenge for the deaths of a loved one. Meanwhile we are bleeding ourselves dry militarily and economically.

Some say if we leave, the Taliban will be strengthened. However, those who make that claim ignore the numerous ways our interventionist foreign policy has strengthened groups like the Taliban over the years. I have already pointed out how we serve as excellent recruiters for them by killing civilians. Last week I pointed out how our foreign aid to Pakistan specifically makes it into the Taliban’s coffers. And of course we provided the Taliban with aid and resources in the 1980s when they were our strategic allies against the Soviet Union.

For example, our CIA supplied them with stinger missiles to use against the Soviets, which are strikingly similar to the ones now allegedly used against us on the same battlefield according to the Wikileaks documents. As usual, our friends have a funny way of turning against us. Manuel Noriega and Saddam Hussein are also prime examples. Yet Congress never seems to acknowledge the blowback that results from our interventionism of the past.

Our war against the Taliban is going about as well as our War on Drugs or our War on Poverty, or any of our government’s wars. They all tend to create more of the thing they purport to eradicate, thereby dodging any excuse to draw down and come to an end. It is hard to image even winning anything this way. We have done enough damage in Afghanistan, both to the Afghan people and to ourselves. It’s time to reevaluate the situation. It’s time to come home.

FireFighters for 911 Truth.org – Finally

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Righting this injustice would make a lot of government shenanigans come to light, and freedom would immediately be completely restored in America and beyond.

John Dennis: Defeat Nancy Pelosi Money Blast Today

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

From an email today from John Dennis:

We took a major step on the road to defeating Nancy Pelosi. Thanks to your support I am the official Republican nominee taking on Nancy Pelosi for her congressional seat this November. I am honored to be one of the few Liberty candidates to have won a Republican primary.

Our opponent couldn’t be more infamous, reviled or polarizing. Nancy Pelosi has become the symbol of unconstitutional stimulus schemes, baliouts, nationalized healthcare programs, and now an ever growing undeclared war in Afghanistan.

With your support I continue to stand against these policies and will take the debate directly to and against the current Speaker of the House. Together we can retire Nancy Pelosi this November and begin restoring our Constitution.

We have made great strides since winning the Primary! Our campaign has hired a campaign manager and a communications director, we have taken on new fundraisers and this week we are opening a brand new Headquarters. Our team is also putting the finishing touches on new branding, web and advertising campaigns.

In order to stock up Headquarters with yard signs, push cards, t-shirts, bumper stickers and other volunteer materials we are having a Money Blast TODAY!

Can you make a contribution of $20 in order to help us purchase these promotional materials?

As Pelosi’s approval rating continues to plummet our political capital and momentum is on the rise. Nancy Pelosi must be retired; now is the time, I am the candidate, you are the resistance!

Stay tuned to our campaign as we continue to roll out new and exciting initiatives. I look forward to working with you over the next three months.

In Liberty,
John Dennis