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Your Healthcare At Stake

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Fellow Concerned American,

Take Action! In the Hippocratic Oath I took to become a physician, the phrase “… I will keep [my patients] from harm and injustice…” remains dear to me; not only as a Physician, but now as a Member of Congress.

I have devoted my life to keeping my patients healthy and safe, and now I apply those same principles to my constituents in Georgia’s 6th District. With that said, the Democrats’ current plan in the U.S. House is detrimental to America’s well being.

Even the President wouldn’t get on board with his own plan. According to ABC News “Health Care Forum”, a doctor in the audience asked the President if he would pledge not to seek extraordinary help if his wife or kids became sick and their treatment and tests fell outside of the Public Plan offered. He refused to make such a pledge…

Under Government-Run HealthCare, Democrats would place Washington in between you and your physician. And by the sound of it, the President doesn’t even trust his own party to make such decisions on behalf of his family; so why should you?

As you heard last week from Leader Boehner, the Democratic plan is led by interest groups rather than physicians, and we must not stand for this!

Our Republican Alternative places an emphasis on two issues:

First — we agree that we must make healthcare coverage affordable for all Americans. We are working hard to create a level of coverage that makes financial sense for all Americans to be insured without government intrusion or mandates. And we plan on doing this through fundamental reform of the tax code.

Second — that coverage should be owned and controlled by those most affected by the system – patients! By placing the power in the hands of patients and their doctors, not federal bureaucrats, we will enjoy the innovation, responsiveness, accountability, and flexibility that would surely go unseen in the Democratic Plan.

Won’t you please join me in educating the public about how dangerous the passage of this plan really would be? Please take the time to call your Congressman and encourage him or her to vote ‘NO’ on the Democrat plan and not rush into another trillion dollar boondoggle.

I commit to you that I will do my very best to educate my colleagues in Congress and challenge them to prevent any harm or injustice that would make your healing more difficult, just as I would want for my patients.


Tom Price, M.D.

P.S. In addition to calling your Member of Congress to tell them to oppose Government-Run Healthcare, let them know about your ideas on how to fix our healthcare system. I would also encourage you to share your thoughts with others via a letter to the editor, discussion boards, social networks or simply by word of mouth. The more people learn about the Democrats’ plan to take-over your healthcare, the more likely they are to oppose it – and support positive changes.