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Saturday, May 10th, 2014

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
— Benjamin Franklin, 1759

The President and Intelligence — Oxymoron?

Monday, January 20th, 2014

President Obama delivered a speech at the Department of Justice to announce the outcomes of a broad-ranging and unprecedented review of U.S. intelligence programs.

The review examined how, in light of new and changing technologies, we can use our intelligence capabilities in a way that optimally protects our national security while supporting our foreign policy, respecting privacy and civil liberties, maintaining the public trust, and reducing the risk of unauthorized disclosures.

Additionally, President Obama issued a new presidential policy directive for our signals intelligence activities, at home and abroad. This directive lays out new principles that govern how we conduct signals intelligence collection, and strengthens how we provide executive branch oversight of our signals intelligence activities.

Choice for Women in Pennsylvania

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

by the ACLU

Some legislators in Harrisburg will stop at nothing to bar women from accessing safe, legal abortion – even if it means endangering their health.

Their latest efforts, Senate Bill 3, House Bill 742, and House Bill 818, would ban private insurance companies from covering abortion services for patients in Pennsylvania’s new health care exchanges. The bill is so narrowly tailored with so few exceptions that even a woman with a serious health complication like cancer could not get insurance coverage of abortion.

A simple amendment to these bills would provide women in the most desperate of circumstances – facing cancer, serious illness, or fetal defects – with an opportunity to use her private insurance coverage to pay for an abortion.

Tell your legislators: Protect women with serious health complications.

I walk the halls of our state capitol almost every day, and I have to tell you – some of our legislators don’t understand why an amendment like this is so critical to women’s health.

Too many women in Pennsylvania face heartbreaking circumstances that make pregnancy dangerous. Politicians are trying to withhold comprehensive health insurance coverage, just to make a difficult situation even more difficult.

For a woman whose health is in danger, access to abortion isn’t about political partisanship. It’s about the right to make a profoundly private decision on her own. Politicians in Harrisburg must protect a woman’s ability to get the health care she needs. But without your legislators’ support, an amendment to protect women’s health could fail – closing off access for women who need it the most.

Urge your legislators to support an amendment to these bills that allows a woman with major health complications access to comprehensive insurance coverage.

Ron Paul on National ID: Dictatorships have these, not a Free Republic

Friday, June 3rd, 2011


Texas Congressman and 2012 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul discusses the idea of a national id card.

Ron Paul on Why he Should be President: CNBC, Tuesday Morning 5/31

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011


It’s Time for Transparency

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

Why Is It The Truth-Tellers Always Get Canned?

Some news stories give me pause about whether those in government have any concern at all for the rights of the American people. The detention of Bradley Manning is one of those stories. If he did what authorities claim he did, he most certainly broke some serious laws, and for that, there should be consequences.

Regardless of his guilt or innocence, the seriousness of his actions, or whatever, one thing is clear: No American should be stashed away in the brig, under questionable conditions and treatment, without a timely day in court.

An American accused of a crime should be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This basic principle has been firmly established in our laws since the Founders, and has been hailed by Americans of all political stripes as a staple of a free society. If Bradley Manning is guilty of a crime, he will have to deal with the consequences of his actions. His guilt, however, is a matter for the judicial system. The rule of law works only as long as the government has to play by the rules set forth in the Constitution and proves its case in the judicial system. This case is no exception.

Last week, P.J. Crowley, a State Department spokesman, called Manning’s treatment, “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.” Three days later, the Obama Administration asked him to step down– so much for this administration’s promise of transparency. A government spokesman who tells the truth, or even his own observation, about what the government is doing shouldn’t be the one to ‘take the fall’ for yet another embarrassing example of Federal arrogance.

We have a judicial system that works pretty well if we actually use it and make sure all have access to it. This case is no exception. If the facts and the evidence can’t stand the light of day, then we have a much bigger problem than WikiLeaks. It’s a problem that that involves a lack of transparency, too much secrecy, and a general disregard of civil liberties.

It is clear that freedom and individual rights still have to be fought for every day before an overzealous government swallows them. Sadly, the Washington insiders and political commentators in the media, whom have all been silent on this scandal, will not do it for us. We have to fight for our rights ourselves.

Good governing is simple. I practiced it for 8 years while Governor of New Mexico. Government should protect us from individuals that do us harm, but should be out of our lives otherwise.

The government should protect the value of individuals and their civil liberties. The government should not intervene in the private lives of individual citizens unnecessarily. Personal liberty and freedom from unwarranted governmental control or regulation should allow law abiding individuals to pursue their own desires as long as they are not causing harm to other people.

There should be less government, greater liberty and lasting prosperity for America.

Transforming these simple ideas into the guiding principles of government is what the Our America Initiative is all about. They are the motivation behind the fact that I have spent the past year and a half traveling to 32 states and appearing on countless news programs. And our message of truth and freedom is resonating.

This week, I am in California meeting with folks from all political persuasions – and they all agree with us that government is out of control. This weekend, I am headed back to Washington, DC, and next week on to Chicago. At every stop, heads are nodding in agreement that we can no longer stand by and watch as the government strips our freedoms, spends us into bankruptcy, and robs our potential for prosperity.

I can’t do this alone. Our America is growing every day, with more and more like-minded Americans signing up to help. But we need YOUR help to keep the momentum going. Your contribution today, of any amount, provides the resources we must have to keep spreading our message and put the pressure on Washington to get out of our daily lives.

One of my most important goals is to continue defending the rule of law and the civil liberties that you and I hold so dear. The Our America Initiative is growing every day, with more and more like-minded Americans signing up to get involved. Our message is one that needs to be heard, and there has never been a more important time for our fellow citizens to hear it.

Thank you for all of your support. It is truly humbling to know that so many people are united in defense of freedom.

Your energy and support is what motivates me every day to stand tall as a spokesman for liberty:


In Liberty,

Gary Johnson

Young Americans for Liberty declares war on Washington!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Young Americans for Liberty declares war on Washington and mobilizes hundreds of youth activists to win on principle this fall!

Our plans are set.

Now in the final weeks of campaign season, YAL is prepared to mobilize our trained activists in five key states: Kentucky, North Carolina, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Since Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign, YAL has built an active youth network, trained hundreds of our members, and organized new chapters on more than 150 campuses.

NOW is the time to activate YAL’s network!

To make a tangible impact in these targeted states and beyond, YAL activists will raise awareness about candidate positions on key issues and get voters to the polls on Election Day.

YAL has developed a leadership team and training model to recruit hundreds of committed young activists, train them in on-the-ground campaign field work, and provide them with opportunities to volunteer for local campaigns.

This influx of volunteers can make a significant difference on Election Day.

With candidate commercials flooding the airwaves and drowning out our message, grassroots activists strategically placed on the ground will have the biggest impact in November.

But, I can only move forward with this effort with your backing.

You see, YAL’s current operating budget does not include these mobilization efforts. But these additional expenditures could be the most important activities YAL accomplishes this year.

Will you help me immediately mobilize hundreds of trained youth activists into the field?

There are only 39 more days left until Election Day. You and I must act now!

Because I believe you understand what is at stake here, I have already hired three full-time staffers in North Carolina and two full-time staffers in Nevada.

I would like to hire five more field staffers this month, but I can only move forward when I receive your support.

Can you help YAL hire more staff and mobilize more activists?

A donation of $500, $250, or $100 is an investment in this effort which will directly influence our ground game.

Even if you can only pitch-in and give $50, $25, or $10, contribution is vital and will make a difference.

If you make a donation this weekend, I will email you next week with a full, detailed outline of our activities this fall in each of these five states.

This exclusive announcement is only for YAL supporters, so please contribute any amount you can afford today.

You may recall our past efforts last spring which brought more than 150 young people to Kentucky. Additionally, another 40 youth activists were deployed in North Carolina this summer.

YAL is now prepared to enhance this program and expand our reach just in time for Election Day!

YAL members mailed more than 10,000 letters to voters in Kentucky.

Forty YAL members trained in North Carolina for field work.

YAL members mailed more than 10,000 letters to voters in Kentucky.

Forty YAL members trained in North Carolina for field work.

I assure you that my staff and I will redouble our efforts and maximize our impact these last few weeks.

Please give generously and join us so hundreds of young activists can carry out our five-state plan. I will be sure to email you all the details next week if you contribute to our success.

Thank you in advance for renewing your commitment to advance our shared message. You will help YAL take advantage of this historic political opportunity before us.

I cannot wait to celebrate with you on Election Day!

For Liberty,

Jeff Frazee
Executive Director, YAL

P.S.- Next week, I will reveal YAL’s five state campaign strategy, but I am only releasing this information to our supporters.

My staff and I are ready to train and mobilize literally hundreds of young activists into targeted states, but it requires me to raise enough funds first.

Every donation helps. Please pitch-in and give any amount you can. I sincerely thank you for supporting this effort to win on principle in 2010 and develop the future leaders of tomorrow.

Oppose Extending Provisions of the Patriot Act

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

It’s the Patriot Act déjà vu. Extended last December until February 28, the day of Patriot Act provisions reauthorization reckoning is upon us.

Given the present direction in the political wind, members of Congress would rather not have to debate and vote on a long-term reauthorization of the Patriot Act before the November elections. So the plan is to shift that responsibility on to others after those pesky midterm elections and use the short-term reauthorization route all over again.

Unfortunately, the following dangerous provisions will be extended by this move: (1) the Records provision gives federal investigators access to all business, hospital and library records to search for “any tangible thing” of a terrorist suspect, sometimes labeled a “sneak and peek” method, if there is a court order provided by a special federal court; (2) the Roving Wiretaps provision authorizes government tracking capabilities in the form of wiretapping without a name or specific target as a focus; and (3) the Lone Wolf provision allows the use of secret surveillance for spying on non-Americans if they are suspected of terrorist activities not tied to any specific organization.

The national security letters provision is not set to expire, so the FBI can continue to obtain private financial and communication records of Americans, a most extraordinary search procedure and clearly an abuse of the Fourth Amendment.

No matter how the Patriot Act reauthorization is presented, whether as a standalone bill, or buried in any one of a number of bills, it is imperative that all senators and representatives are urged to oppose the reauthorization of any aspects of, or amendments to, the Patriot Act.

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your representatives in Washington voted “No” on the continued or expanded use of the provisions of the Patriot Act mentioned above, helping to preserve the freedom and liberty given to us by our Founding Fathers? And wouldn’t it be even better to know that because you sent a message to your representatives, they are getting the hang of a truly representational form of government while also using the Constitution as their guide?

Click here to send your message of opposition to reauthorization of these unconstitutional provisions of the Patriot Act.

Thanks for participating,

Your friends at The John Birch Society,

Message from Peter Schiff – Candidate for US Senate in Connecticut

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Dear Friend:

If Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts last night shows us one thing, it is that nothing in politics can be taken for granted. In the most liberal of states, the people have spoken, and the tide of reform continues to sweep through the country!

Here in Connecticut, we are facing and uphill battle. Like Scott Brown, we are facing a popular attorney general who has started the campaign with a big lead in the polls. National pundits are writing us off, and even here in Connecticut, people are treating Dick Blumenthal’s victory as a foregone conclusion. They ignore us at their peril. We will prove them wrong, and we will win! There’s a movement building across this country, and I feel it every day when I campaign.

We need solutions to the problems facing our country, not more government bureaucracy and empty promises from career politicians! We need a return to the free-market policies that made this country great, that will get Americans back to work and turn the tide on the failed policies in Washington, DC.

I know that we can shock the establishment, just like Scott Brown did last night. With you on my team, we can accomplish anything! Sunday some of our friends organized a money bomb. We raised just over $30,000 dollars from 377 people who donated an average of $80 each. While I want to thank everyone who participated in that money bomb, I also want to issue a challenge to the rest of you who sat it out.

This email is going out to over 150,000 people. Just imagine if everyone matched the contributions given during the money bomb. Instead of raising $30,000 we would raise 12 million. Combine that war chest, with my message and the current political environment, and we can’t lose.

I can win this race, but I cannot win it alone. I need everyone’s help. Together we will not fail. The stakes are just too high. We can take back our nation from the politicians who hold it hostage. We can restore limited government, embrace capitalism, and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that made this nation great.

Do not assume that someone else will donate for you. We are in this fight together and we all need to contribute to prevail. Don’t think your contribution will be too small to make a difference. Remember we have strength in numbers. Small contributions add up as long as enough people make them (of course larger donations are welcome too).

So go to my web site www.schiffforsenate.com and make your contribution today. Every contribution counts, and if everyone makes one, the tally will be huge.

Let’s send a message so loud that it will resonate from Hartford to Washington D.C. Let’s show our critics that we mean business. Let’s show them that this campaign is real and that we will not be stopped for lack of funds.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Yours in liberty,

Peter Schiff, US Senate Candidate

Towne for Congress (PA-15) January 2010 Monthly Report

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Jake Towne is running for US Congress in Pennsylvania District 15 which includes the Lehigh Valley

Dear Friends of Liberty –
2010 has arrived and the campaign looks forward to election day on November 2nd. On that day, the 15th district will elect its first-ever independent private citizen to Congress. In the past 7 months, I have met enough people in the district to firmly have faith that they will make best decision for their own prosperity, health and future, and vote for me as their public servant if only the message can make it to them. Last Monday, 100,000 households will receive a half-page ad promoting campaign events, see here. In December, campaign volunteers distributed almost 15,000 “Who Is Jake Towne?” flyers, and the number of yard signs out is already in the triple digits – and are the only political signs you will see in the district. Yesterday, I parked my car to pick up a pizza and saw one in Bethlehem and stopped by to say hi.

What I bring is a winning message – open, transparent & accountable government with the Open Office, a shift of power back to the state, local, and individual levels, an unquestionable motivation to serve the people (in December I announced I will only accept the median household income and donate the remainder to local non-profit hospitals), peace instead of endless, costly war, and a return to sound monetary and fiscal policy. Where my opponents in truth offer tyranny, I offer LIBERTY and the rule of law. I will speak, listen, and meet with anyone or any group. I will not tire – I will keep promoting and defending the message – I will keep writing and knocking on doors until my knuckles bleed. You have this level of commitment from me until Election Day.

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