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List Of Presidential Candidates 2012 — Who Will You Vote For?

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Gary Johnson — Libertarian Party candidate; Former Governor of New Mexico
Mitt Romney — Democratic Presidential Nominee; President of the United States
Barack Obama — Republican Presidential Nominee; Former Governor of Massachusetts
Ron Paul — Declared 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate; U.S. Representative from the State of Texas

YouTube Election Coverage

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012
Play Icon Live: Election Night Coverage
Live: Election Night Coverage Tune in to youtube.com/politics on Tuesday, Nov. 6 to watch live coverage of the U.S. elections. From real-time results to acceptance speeches, catch all of the big moments live on YouTube ยป
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Pennsylvania Kids and the Election

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Dear friend of liberty,

I’m disappointed to tell you that two weeks ago the Pennsylvania state Senate voted to criminalize Pennsylvania’s teenagers for the very human experience of coming to terms with their sexuality.

In a move that showed more concern for what occurs in our teens’ bedrooms than for real criminals, the Senate passed legislation to criminalize underage teens for “sexting,” the electronic distribution of semi-nude, nude, or sexually explicit images.

Would you like to find out if your state senator was one of 12 senators who voted against this bill? You should then take one minute to contact your state senator and share your feelings about the vote on the sexting bill.

Incredibly, the bill, which was signed by Governor Corbett last week, even criminalizes victims of abuse. For example, a teen could produce a picture of herself or himself in a state of semi-nudity and send it to one other person, such as a dating partner. If that picture is later distributed to others against the will of the person in the photo, she is still guilty of a crime, compounding her suffering as a victim.

This is a public health issue that is best handled by parents and child development professionals, not the government and not district attorneys. Tell your state senator that you support civil liberties and Pennsylvania’s kids.

In liberty,

Andy Hoover
Legislative Director