Guitar & Music Eschatology
A Rock N' Roll Romper Room Exclusive
a real-life email article produced from correspondence between
R. C. Murphy
R. Chris Murphy

C. Moore
C. Moore

Subject: the end of the beginning...

... or, the beginning of the end or sumpin'?

C. Murphy I am back from the East Coast and kicking into high gear on a few projects, but I wanted to drop you a note to say hello. I spoke with Brian from NUDE last night and he said that you enjoyed the track we sent. I am happy it has found a nice home on the rombox disk.

Let me know if anything exciting happens on your end that I may be able to help out with. I am always keeping an open ear to things that will help keep life exciting. I am in the middle of a few projects right now; mixing projects for bands from Seattle and England and trying to get a bunch of biz stuff in order before I take off for a month on the G3 tour (Robert Fripp, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani).

Let me know if I can help.

C. Moore really? hmmm... that's sumpin' the rock-n-roll romper room would be interested in learning 'bout... whatcha gonna be doing?

...and, it's weird you should mention robert fripp... as i was thinking of the "adrian belew" version of king crimson while listin' to nude

a mere coincidence?

C. Murphy I will be working as the Stage manager for Robert Fripp. Should be kinda fun. I dont think its a coincidence that Nude should make you think of Crimson since the main songwriter in the band studied with Fripp quite extensively.

C. Moore how would you feel about trading a coupla e-mails while you are on the road... and i'd publish em for a story about: you, brian lucey, the G3, nude and... what about the name of your company?

C. Murphy the name, Eschaton Music Works, is the latest in a series of Eshcaton names I have used with my company that started 15 years ago as Eschaton Records. That name became Eschaton Multimedia, then Eshchaton Media, and now Eschaton Music Works.

I was a strange kid and I used to study apologetic theology and stuff for fun. At age 15 it seemed like the whole concept of eschatology was cool enough to name a record label after. and so it was.

C. Moore kewl, mahn... i'm hip... i'd like to do some stuph with ya'll about dis, too... and maybe the above article could act as an intro? I happen to be working on some music and multimedia about realized eschatology.

C. Murphy Sounds like fun, I have not figured out what I am going to be doing for internet access on the road, but I am sure I can do it. I recently gave away my lap top and I am not sure I will buy another one before the tour, but I know that tour manager is bringing his, and I am sure that he will let me use it when I need to.

So lets call it a go. Let me know what sort of things will work best for you and we will make it happen.

By the way, How would you describe what rombox is all about in a couple sentences? I was trying to explain it to some one the other day, and I couldn't. I also need a tag line for my links page.

Look Forward to doin' stuff with ya

C. Moore thanx... i'll email you some ideas.

and... hmmmm... rombox...? i suppose sumpin' like: an artist based internet marketing, management and distribution network

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