Apocalyptic Vision

3rd Planet From the Sun

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Introduction by
Honey Bane

He knows he's a long way from home... but, he's free... for now... and, he's gonna find the answers... he has to... if he's gonna save himself, and he has to do that... if he's gonna save the world... whatever that means?

Falling deeper into the dark hole... falling... smiling... knowing! Strength is the best medicine.

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Like I'm looking down a real long hall ...
there's your car in the middle of the tracks ...
sittin' stalled.

Transition metamorphosisizes me.
Something's comin' to be ... inside of me.
I don't know if I'm liken' it much.
I don't know if I need you ... as my crutch.

... if I'm liken' it much ... will ya be my crutch?

I've got a thing I've gotta get through.
Maybe it's got something to do with you?

There you sit.
Your car's at a stall ...
Engine #9,
is coming down the line.

Just like a tin of a beer can,
you're gonna be crushed ... to a hush.

The human race ... has been put outta place.

  • performed by

    C. Moore Teetes - Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Beer Can
    Thadious Whind - Bass
    Wally - Guitar
    Zoo Lou - Drums

    This song was written and recorded live
    ... exactly as you hear it. No overdubs, mixing, or knob twiddlin'.

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