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"We're a freedom band and play to feed souls. It's musical, dynamic, and intense. At one extreme the sound is pretty, at the other it's full on. Drums, distorted guitars, huge. We play to connect with people more than just to be entertaining and yet we're an intense and powerful stage show. Many influences; pop, punk, world music, all rock, pre-fusion (real) jazz, experimental, classical, new age, you name it. Music is music when it moves you."

A surprisingly wide range of music lovers have been charged by the powerful spirit of NUdE's club-concerts. A band with a big, layered SOUND, blending rock music's diversity and an almost spiritual intensity, NUdE is a balance of SONGwriting and MUSICianship that resonates with many circles.

Great bands equal great live shows and live NUdE rocks. On a candlelit stage, Brian's presence and the group's flexibility give live performances their passion and edge. Strengths crystalize as the music flies with a LIFE that's only possible live. We hear things like,"Inspirational", "Like medicine","The best live band I've ever seen","Where are you guys from" and "Wow."

NUdE has also been compared by audiences to early U2, Peter Gabriel, The Doors, Verve, Suede, Talking Heads, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam. A tag more specific than 'alternative rock' would be something like 'holistic rock'.

Rehearsals began in March '94 and the first show was at Stache's in Columbus, OH in May '94. The group has since built a reputation for outspoken, beautiful music through frequent club-concerts. The introductory CD, breathe , was recorded Jan. '95 for under $2000. It was printed in May '96 by a friend at Deep Music Publishing of Seattle, WA. DM's involvement amounted to a no- strings loan with zero industry support and NUdE is not in contract with anyone. Record #2, Apocalypse Heart, is fully mixed and pending direction (11 songs,60 mins,$3300) Six brand new songs are integrated into current live shows, and they rock.

out of Faust... Both alternative/pop WWCD 101 and NPR affiliate WCBE 90.5 air various tracks from breathe including: THE BODY, JOYLAND, WISH, PRAY FOR COMPASSION, SHE and THE CHILD. A rough-mix cassette of SHAMEN and TRUST, from Apocalypse Heart, led to a billing on the 1996 Ticketmaster Showcase. PRAY was used in the movie and soundtrack of a young filmmaker from NYU's first feature-length film, Snakes & Arrows ('96). NUdE was also hired in '97 to record ten segments (Pulp Fiction-esque, swampy-surf) for another filmmaker's second full-length work, My New Advisor. This was done under the pseudonym House of Nude and all IO segments on the CD were used in the final cut of the film.

Moo Magazine: "Very strong, full, warm, white sunlight right where you need it to warm your bodies ... they also have the best sound I've ever heard in Stache's, completely clear from top to bottom." Columbus Guardian: "NUdE's early offerings are that exciting thing that often happens when artists are unencumbered by business or convention." AndyMan, CD101: "They have a sound that surrounds and lifts you ... you have to get out and see them live."

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