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R. Chris Murphy

C. Moore
C. Moore

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Subject: On the Road Again...
with an International Guitar Tour

C. Moore Are you on the road yet?

C. Murphy No, Not on the road yet. Will be doing some stuff in the studio with Robert Fripp for a couple days at the end of this month. Then we play the first show in Vancouver. I am very happy to have a couple weeks to plow through the mountain of stuff I need to finish in Seattle before I hit the road.

Have you ever listened to Philip Glass's Portrait Opera Trilogy? I am listening to part of it now... for about the thousandth time. Absolutely devastating stuff!!

C. Moore No, I've never heard the opera trilogy... though I think I should get familiar with it since it sounds similar to a project I'm working on called trag_e_d.

C. Murphy Start with "Einstein on the Beach" (the CBS Masterworks version, not the Electra Nonesuch version) It will make your head explode. The term opera is applied very loosely to it. It is probably one of the most important works of our lifetime. Certainly my favorite recording of all time.

Follow that up with "AKHNATEN" (about the pharaoh Akhnaten) It is not conceptually or musically as radical as Einstein, but it is absolutely beautiful and the Funeral March for full chorus rocks harder than any heavy metal record you have ever heard.

Then there is "SATYAGRAHA" (about Gandi), Not as mind numbing as the others, but still wonderful especially in the context of the trilogy.

C. Moore Anyhoo, do you have a road plan? Are ya gonna be in the Philadelphia area? I'd like to hook up with in person... be nice to meet ya.

C. Murphy Unfortunately, we do not get any closer to Philly then South Carolina. I guess we will have to find another opportunity to meet.

The tour is on the road. We played last night in Vancouver at a place called plaza of nations. Its a strange place that is basically a big glass roof with no walls. Kinda funny sound in there, but a pretty cool atmosphere. Its always nice to be in Canada. Its was my first night on the tour. I feel like I have a lot left to learn, but luckily Robert Fripp's tour manager has been with him for a long time and is showing me the ropes on making it all fly. I am really grateful for that.

Robert Fripp's set was great, but there were some problems in the PA that kept causing some strange noises through out the set. Luckily, they got worked out and did not mess up the whole night. Fripp is doing some really challenging stuff. I expected it to turn some people off, but the crowd response for it is very warm.

Robert is doing soundscapses on this tour, which is basically a solo show of ambient works (he is occasionally joined by other members of the tour). His set always begins right when he doors to the venue open, so if any one is hoping to see his whole set they should get there right when the doors open (usually about 2 hours before "showtime").

Its a cool tour and I really doubt I will be sick of it after a month. The big treat is getting to see Steve Vai. He is just so good at being "Steve Vai". whether you like his thing or not, its hard to ignore the fact that he is just so damn good at what he does. I happen to really enjoy what he does so I am excited about seeing his set 20 times this month.

The jam at the end of the show with Fripp, Vai, Joe Satriani and Kenny Wayne Sheppard is really something. I hate to sound like a salesman, but it really is a cool show.

I will try and get on-line again as soon as I can.

Seattle tonight. Portland tomorrow. Gotta go get things ready.

... another cool show. So many great musicians. I feel really lucky to be able to see all these people every night.

Crazy sleepy now.

C. Moore It's been a coupla days since I've heard from ya... what's up?

C. Murphy Hey, R. Chris Murphy From the road. Tour is moving along. We have a day off in Arizona. Last night was at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. It's a pretty great venue. The shows are all really good and I am liking all of the bands more every night. Only been out for about a week. Fells like a month but I am having a great time.

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