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Honey Bane

"Although we have been doing all the talking, I think it is only fair that people don't get the wrong impression ... and think what I am doing is some kind of solo project. We are very much a band -- DOG'S TOOTH VIOLET.

I would also like to mention that I have in the past had records out on independent and major labels ... E.M.I being one of them. Since I have also been a CRASS recording artist, there is experience in both extremes of the music industry ... I am quite happy to answer anyones music biz questions (if I can.)"

Digital Yoda

Yoda plays guitars, pure vocal distortions, keyboards, harmonica, faux sax, bass, bongos and the hand held drill for


The Tiger of Burma

Joel Barlow is our Southeast Asia correspondent. He would very much like to hear what you think about his most recent article, The Tiger Meets the Warlords .



Merc is a reasonable A&R person (is that an oxymoron?) She scouts the world for bands to sign to Mercury Records.

The Jester

The Jester writes an ascii/web rock 'zine. He also started one of the more interesting philosophical debates seen in thesse parts, when he wrote this review of Yzark.

Take a trip to his home page.


Sidd is an all around wizard. Not only is he mystical, but also magical. His hobbies include: low temperature physics, communications, writing, and music. (Here is one of those non-passworded links.)

Visit Sidd's Science Center

Sidd is the current "World Champion of 'Bahn Sirphin'."

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