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Cookin' Sumpin' UP (with Peter Gabriel)

Massive Amounts of Extemporaneous Music

Concerto Of The First Degree

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Aqua Mahn - vocals, keyboards, bowed electric guitar, and WWW hello
Earth Quake - drums

Let The Wagons Roll
Aqua Mahn - vocals, keyboards and acoustic guitar
Earth Quake - drums
Wind Storm - fretless bass

About Cron....
Aqua Mahn - vocals and WWW doorbell
Earth Quake - drums
Wind Storm - fretless bass and backing vocals

Special world wide web appearances by: Capn'


About This Show

What do you get when you combine earth, wind, and water in just the right combination ... Spontaneous Combustion. This album is completely live and unadulterated. In fact, it was spontaneously recorded in one evening. There have been no over-dubs or knob tinkering. No sequencers where used. The songs where recorded directly to a digital source. You hear it exactly as it was played... in real time.

This was the first live Internet production of its kind. The engineering goes something like this: a mini-disc is fed into a Sony mini-disc recorder. The recorder is connected to a little Mackie mixboard. A Korg and an Ensonic keyboard are connected right into the mixboard, as well as, through a stereo amplifier and speakers. Two open air microphones are used to capture the guitar amp., the bass amp., the vocals, drums, etc. A computer is dialed into the Internet with a stereo mini-plug coming out of the soundcard and wired directly into the mixboard. Sounds were then downloaded from our website and incorporated into the concert.

So what? Well, you may find it un-*%#&in' believable that there are never more than three people playing ... thus the name, Spontaneous Combustion!

Mohs Scale rating = 9


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