The Rock N' Roll Romper Room
from The Internet Gazette

in cooperation with
Glistening Flicks

Who Will Rock and Roll-Over First?

This is a rare opportunity to view a microcosm of how the "music business" ought to operate ... how it looks from inside. What lies behind these links are email, phone calls, faxes, and letters that have been converted into web pages. The plot is real life. Bands trying to get signed. Record companies looking for future revenue. Souls finding each other and creating together.

Guests in the romper room include: record companies, management companies, band members, media types, members of the Think-Tank andmaybe even you?

Here's Whatz

Directory to the Rock N' Roll Romper Room

  • Page 1 Honey Bane, Mercury Records, Digital Yoda, The Tiger, Sidd ....

  • Page 2 Sup-Pop Records, C. Moore Teetes, Dmitry, Barry Melton, and Bob.

  • Page 3 Zoth Ommog, Webdrone, Captain Figment, Miguel, Lazlow, and G?

  • Page 4 Spagg, Aqua Mann, The Reverend, EMI Records, Wally-Mohn.

  • Page 5 Prospective Records, Todd Culman, Zou-Lou, Baxters', Nate, and V.I.P's

  • Page 6 Stop That Noise, The Jongluers, Carl Gardner.

  • Page 7 Andy Cahan, The Chaos Theory, Leflaw, The Renegade, Missing Socks.

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