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Stop That Noise

New York City's Alternative Rock "Power Duo". Representing an evolution of historic rock rhythm sections, this hard-driving duo has severed the vestigial fingers of a guitarist to create a sound completely new, yet accessible and universal.

Peter Cross

The band Crossfire consists of Peter and his friends. Together they create solid, everlasting rock.

The Jongleurs

The Jongleurs have evolved into a group with a truly original sound. Although called everything from experimental jazz to anarchy rockers, their avant-jazz / funk / pop / bluegrass / classical / rock / rhumba / bebop / blues / gospel / reggae / ska / New Orleans /punk stylings have enlightened the masses with their unique instrumentation and constant gigging.

Carl Gardner and the Coasters

The Coasters, led by Carl Gardner, a member of the Rock n' Roll hall of fame, were the 1950s' (and early rock's) dominant novelty/comic ensemble, benefitting from lyrical wit and inspired production. The original Coasters were a skilled vocal unit whose talents were utilized on slice-of-life narratives, prophetic youth manifestos, and even an occasional teen anthem.

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