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It all starts with a basic understanding of Windows!

Do you sit in front of your computer not knowing where to start?  Do you have new software, and can't figure out how to use it?  Do you want to back up your data, but aren't sure how, or what to back up?  You know you're not a stupid person, but the computer makes you feel like you are!  You would be amazed how much of this frustration could be ERASED if you were taught basic Windows.  By having a basic understanding of Windows, everything else falls into place far faster, and easier, because most software you will learn later, is based on the way Windows works.  I have recommended that people take basic Windows classes in the past, but then hear back from them that they didn't learn much, because it went too fast, and they weren't in front of their computer.  In virtually everyone's case, hands on makes all the difference.  With you sitting at your own computer, with me beside you, you learn faster, and retain more.

We can start at the very beginning:  The first thing would be the terminology I'm about to use, and what each word means.  We can talk about the mouse and how to change it's settings, and left click vs. right click.  We can then look at windows and how you can make them smaller and larger by clicking and dragging, minimizing and maximizing, and more.  We can look at Icons, what they are, renaming them, arranging them on your desktop, adding shortcuts, and deleting existing ones.  We can also look at changing your "Wallpaper" on your desktop, and setting screen savers.  >From the very basics we can go in to: 

My Computer:  Double clicking on my computer brings up your different drives, printers, control panel, dial-up networking, and other things.  Knowing how to access these things, and then knowing how to use them, and what is in them, is one basic to learn.

Control Panel:  The control panel is where you go to change settings on the various parts of your computer, among other things.  From there you can  add new hardware and software, change the date and time, change settings on your display, add, remove, and display fonts, change Internet options, change your modem settings, change the sounds Windows makes when it does various functions, and many other things.

Windows Exploring:  Would you like to attach files to your e-mails, but don't know how?  Would you like to understand downloading, where to download, and how to find files you've downloaded?  The primary reason people don't know how to do these things is because they don't understand how Windows stores files.  Learning your way around Exploring will teach you that.  We'll learn how to create new folders, or rename existing ones.  We'll also learn how to create one folder to store all your "Data" so you can easily find your photos, documents, fliers, and anything else you create.  When you can't remember where you put a file - there is a way to find it using the "Find" function.  

I will use a format that starts with the basics, and then systematically goes from there, covering all the basic Windows skills.  By the time we are done, you'll be on your way to a much less frustrating relationship with your computer. How long will it take?  That is entirely dependent upon your pace.  Past clients have made comments like the following:
"…it was nice learning from someone that does not treat you like an idiot for not knowing something"  I guarantee you, you will not be uncomfortable when you learn from me!