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Peter Schiff – Open letter to the voters

Schiff for Senate in Connecticut in 2010

America is a nation founded by free individuals; individuals like you who have the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness.

For the first time in human history, a nation was founded where the individual took precedence over the state. Brave American men and women have shed blood ever since to preserve this principle.

Yet, today, it is apparent that our government has forgotten this sacrosanct principle. From bailouts to mandates, every day Washington imposes increasing legislation designed to transfer more control of your life to bureaucrats. Why should one hundred senators in DC have so much power in dictating the lives of more than 100 million working Americans?

It is time to send a loud message to Washington; we are capable of making our own decisions, living our own lives, and bearing the responsibilities for our actions. Stand up to corruption, favoritism, cronyism, and corporatism. Remind your leaders that they are accountable to you, the voter.

I was attacked for my accurate predictions on the economic crisis and I remain steadfast in my beliefs; make no mistake, unless we change course the consequences for your freedoms and your pocketbooks will be immense.

The solutions to America’s problems exist not in two thousand page bills or trillion dollar bailouts, but rather within the heart of each individual hardworking American.

You are the answer. Your drive, your competition, your fearlessness, and your entrepreneurship are what built this country and made it great. It is that everlasting character of America which will rebuild it again.

Join me in this effort to reawaken the spirit of America and reverse the momentum of history at SchiffforSenate.com

Peter Schiff–Right for the Economy, Right for Connecticut, Right for America, Right Now.

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