The Trashing Thrills of the Millennia Mania Blues Band
Live! In Concert

In a one of a kind, live, recording session for The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment, members of the project teams for The Electric Slugs, cd d:\industrial\noize\pollution, and Yzark, got together and felt da blues. The spontaneous song writing was digitally captured. The Voices told of tomorrow and today... in a most unusual way. Some of these tunes have gone on to be soundtracks for other multi-media projects. So, why not giver 'er a go and click on some links below?

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Apocoliptic Vision
(soundtrack to "Watch For Falling Angels" liner notes)
Be Mine Tonight
You're Killin' Me
Over Reaction

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The 5:00 Whistle
The Band

Four humans, who had never played together before, got together one night. They played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, keyboards, drums, flute, and a fretless bass. And, they sang songs that were never played before. They played songs that were not written before. There were no overdubs. There was no mixing. This was blues ... er ... a ... is the blues in the flesh. This is blues sprouting from soul. Isn't this what rock n' roll is suppose to be about?

Mohs' Scale Rating = 6

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