Over-reaction to Your Lack of Action

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humans: 4
instruments: voice, keyboards, piano, drums, bass, and guitar
environment: dinning room
tracks: 1
time: 04'35"

(I'm) Over reactin' to the lack of action in your action?

(You're) Reactin' to what I've ever really done...?
What have I really ever done (but try n' help you?)

Everybody's always reacting to me,
Instead of reacting,
They ought a be acting,
for themselves.

Over reaction,
To lack of action.

To the lack of action,
To the "lack of action."

Over-reaction to the lack of action in your action.

I can't just sit by,
And sleep...
(You) Make me weep.

Things I read about... the things I see...
Make me want to SHOUT!

No good news today?
It's only, only the bad,
The Bad....
The price they had to pay.

Pandora's Rom Box

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