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Favorite Data

Before we get into the details of the project...
here is some of our favorite data (collected as part of these experiments.)

Cover Songs

Microsoft .avi of Led Zeppelin's Black Dog (details)
MP3 of Free's All Right Now (details)

Original Compositions

Microsoft .avi of No Noize, All Right? (details)
MPEG4 .avi of Harmonica, Beer Bottle & A BB Gun
MP3 Can't Stop Thinking Of You (details)
MPEG4 .avi of Rolling Thunder (details)

So, I Get This Bright Idea....

A Bright Idea @ membrane.com

One day, I had an idea. What elements could be combined to produce some extreme multimedia? I had been exploring the extreme ends of the frequency range. Why not apply some of the same principles to multiple forms of media?

I had been working on a theory that Modern Man has eliminated much of the frequency range that is normally delivered by music. When music is played live, your ear receives a very wide range of frequencies. However, high-tech recording techniques compress music to a very narrow frequency range.

Recent studies have indicated that infants exposed to live music show an increase in brain activity and growth. Perhaps the same holds true for all of us, no matter our age?

Using this idea as a foundation, other elements were brought into the mix. When I explained my "frequency medicine" idea to a physicist friend, I asked if we could try an experiment with sight. Could he make a perpetual fractal movie?

Then, a series of multimedia pieces where put together that contained combinations of the following elements:

  1. extreme digital video footage
  2. fractals
  3. simulation animation
  4. extemporaneous musical performances (captured with full frequency)

From these original, experiments a host of sub-experiments have sprouted. Here is a directory of links:

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