The Ride

  • Click here to start downloading the 413k avi multi-media file that is being discussed. If you click here, you will download a 12M file of the entire video. (WARNING! this will take about an hour and a half with a 14.4 modem. Click here for help or to test your system.)

  • Our initial goal was to combine live action footage and animation with a piece of the evolving soundtrack -- The Labyrinth.

    The live action "Bert Base Jump" footage was shot in New Mexico and ftp'ed (sent over the internet) to Fort Washington, Pennsylvania (The Fort). The soundtrack music was converted to wav files in Blue Bell, PA and then ftp'ed to The Fort. From there the pieces were ftp'ed to Philadelphia where they were combined and shipped back to The Fort. The entire process, from getting people on-line to "burning rom", took one year. Along the way, we were forced to rely on floppies, cdrom and snailmail. But, despite the overwhelming odds, we were able to pass through the barriers and produce the first ever "made by the internet and for the internet" multimedia production.

    The final leg of berthole.avi's journey will be through the 'net, and to your eye's and ears. We hope you enjoy it... we hope it inspires you to do something.

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