So, Now Everyone is a Music Critic?
Reviews of the audio CD

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"It's great, man"
- Sidd, Ohio

"Cool! It works perfectly."
- James McClinton, Washington

U Move Me - I like that... it's got a cool jazz beat.
Chaotic Systems - I like that... it's really different.
S.H.I.T.S. - I never heard anything like that before... I like it.
Stop That Noise - That's really cool. That's only two people?
- Carl Gardner, Florida

Appealing... with many, many styles of music represented here.
- Geoff Wilbur, Michagin

"I can't believe it. Great names like Bob Marley... members of The Turtles, The Original Coasters, not to mention Paul, John, George, and... and, I didn't even mentioin my favorites -- the bands you've never heard of before: Stop That Noise, Industrial Noize Pollution, Spagg, Gray Matters, Catching Flies, The Jongleurs... and what about the bands who make music up on the spot, like Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers and Chaotic Systems? Is this real? Phar Out."
- C. Moore Teetes, Pennsylvania

"I've meant to send you a note for the past two days. The CD is killin'! I've listened to it 5 or 6 times already. Where do I start? The Carl Gardner stuff is GREAT, but so is everything else... and the pacing and sequencing is way cool. I really dig the Snakes and Surveyor... and there's so much stuff, I haven't identified everything yet, but... you're cookin', right? THAT'S what I'm trying to say!
- Steve Holloway, New York

"Wow! The CD is solid."
- Captain Figment, Florida

"Very nice. What's this song? I like it.... For Reals? By Andy who?" And, I like Steppin' Stone... who is that?
- Weazer, Pennsylvania

"I just listened to the rombox disk. It sounds f#$%in' great! In fact, it just inspired me to wander around the Rombox website for the last few hours.... Where did you get Surveyor? I really like their stuff."
- Todd Culman, Ohio

"You're so cool..... you probably think this email's about you... don't you don't you......(aka "Your So Vain")
- Andy Cahan, California

"Who would have ever thought you could make a CD that sounds so good?"
- my brother, Pennsylvania

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