The The Jongleurs' debut album was self-titled. The highlight of the album, U Move Me, can be found on the original RomBox.Com compilation.

Rating: 1 Star

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The C.D. included the following tracks:

1. Hay...(Matt Glassmeyer)

2. Plastic Lover (Michael Stegner)

3. Flea Circus (Matt Glassmeyer)

Tight rope. Trapeze. Big top. Clown car.

4. B.D. (Michael Stegner)

5. Psycho Bitch From Hell (Michael Stegner)

6. I Said Whoa (Matt Glassmeyer)

7. D.N.A. (Matt Glassmeyer)

8. Sunny Acres (Matt Glassmeyer)

9. Underwear is Redundant (Matt Glassmeyer)

10. Gap Girl (Michael Stegner)

11. Chunky Chicks (Eric Hastings)

12. U Move Me (Michael Stegner)

13. 'Itch (The Jongleurs)

14. Sinner Music (Michael Stegner)

15. ...Hitch (Matt Glassmeyer)

The band has since disbanded. The CD is no longer available.

Some of the Jongleurs' live shows included:

7/12 - Island Rock Cafe - St. Simon's Island, GA
7/16 - Tremont Music Hall - Charlotte, NC
7/27 - Upstairs at Nick's - Philadelphia, PA
7/29 - Grape St. Pub - Philadelphia, PA
7/30 - Rex's - Westchester, PA
8/1 - State of the Union - Washington, DC
8/13 - Hotel Rhinecliff - Rhinecliff, NY
8/14 - The Bay State Cabaret - Northampton, MA
8/16 - The Bull & Bier Haus - Plymouth, NH

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