Bambi and the Boys is a unique musical group specializing in a lost art form--the lounge act. They offer a variety of music ranging from show tunes, ballads, swing standards, fun originals, and even some good ol' country. The band is composed of Bambi LaFleur (lead vocals), Buck (keyboards and vocals), Bo (bass and vocals), and Billy (drums and vocals). Not only do they perform the music of today and yesterday-- they entertain.

Bambi and the Boys have performed nationally and internationally, gaining their star status in South Florida while performing in the hippest and most happening clubs on Miami's South Beach. From Paris to New York, they are adored, cherished, and worshipped. They are a fixture at the world famous White Party at Vizcaya. There they dazzle thousands as only Bambi and the Boys can do. Beware of Impersonators!

"Fed up with all the techno music, vulgarity and monotony that the 90's has to offer? Just in the nick of time before our minds go to mush , Bambi and the Boys have come to save the day! Their Bubblicious Lounge Act not only provides us with authentically good music, but eye candy as well. Bambi, Buck, Bo, and Billy, are good looking, wholesome, happy-go-lucky and talented beyond genius level . It's a show guaranteed to lead us all down memory lane, reminding each and every one of us that creativity, smiles, ability and sparkles are what really matter in the world of entertainment. Ok, they may be a little outrageous for their time, but given the fascination we all have with the music of yesteryear, maybe it is fate that they were all born late in order to preserve what the modern music industry has been trying so hard to destroy. They are loved by all: old, young, gay and straight. And who wouldn't love them; they are as cute as can be. Bambi is sugar and spice and everything nice. The Boys are snips and snails and puppy dog tails. Mix it all together and you get a musical fantasy come true."--Pride Magazine, 1995


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