The Prophet's Handbook

(The Costs & Benefits of Propheteering)

Table Of Contents

Birth of a New World

The End

What Happens To Man?
(instant Ogg Vorbis concept album)

  1. For The Heck Of It (.ogg) 29.8M
  2. I Wont Say A Word (.ogg) 32.3M
  3. Shadow Meister (.ogg) 31.4M
  4. Taste Of Blood (.ogg) 17.4M
  5. Dead Or Alive (.ogg) 30.5M

A Royal Wallbuster

Humble Beginnings

(Save Our Souls)

Beggars' Day

A Feast to Benefit Humankind


Peter Verily, Is Jesus Alive?

Supper's Ready

Dance, Minstrel, Dance!

Exacerbating My Wounds...
The Houseband's Techno Coloured Dream

Revelations To Me

Watch For Falling Angels

To Cause A Change

Emmanual's Birthday

Self-Imposed Discipline Distortion

Yore Killin' Me

The Labyrinth

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The Membrane Domain

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