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An Introduction

I think this is what She said to me…
Listen and see.
I said to myself,
Is this a paradox? Did She mean -- Listen and hear?

Oh, dear! Perhaps I should ask her twice? Lets through the dice…

So now, I will try to reveal the prophecy that She delivered unto me.
Please take no offensive in my calling You a slack, but these are among the things that lack:
  • the appreciation of a wide range of frequencies
  • the agility necessary to adapt to changes in time
She then spoke to me more quickly than I could scribe. She spoke of things that will effect our tribe.

These were revelations to me. Now, my mind's I can see? I do apologize for my skills to translate… let's hope it won't jeopardize our fate.

The Lowdown

The difficulties in receiving the Messages are many. For, not only did she speak to me in tongues that I know, but She also spoke in tones, rhythms and pulses. The challenge for me lay in my ability to capture the Messages in real-time. I suppose it is sort-of like taking shorthand… for twelve people at the same time.

In any event, the following messages are composed, engineered and recorded in real time -- just as you hear them. The entirety is 1 human's attempt to translate this prophecy to you.

The equipment and technique used to capture the notes is as follows:

  1. 1 man
  2. 1 open-air microphone
  3. Ibanez acoustic/electric guitar
  4. Vantage electric guitar
  5. Ensonic keyboard
  6. Korg keyboard
  7. Casio keyboard
  8. bell
  9. wind chime
The sounds are then captured directly to a computer as 44kHz stereo wav files. There is no processing, filtering, multi-tracking or other technique used that might degrade the frequency range or the fluidity of the timing.

The difficulties in delivering the Messages are many, too. If you begin to understand Her message, "Listen and see," then you will see why these recording techniques are important.

Modern Man has eliminated much of the frequency range that is normally delivered by music. When music is played live, your ear receives a very wide range of frequencies. However, high-tech recording techniques compress music to a very narrow frequency range.

Recent studies have indicated that infants exposed to live music show an increase in brain activity and growth. I believe She is trying to tell us that the same holds true for all of you, no matter your age.

The same principles apply to rhythm -- Modern Man has become much more rigid in his time keeping. This lack of agility may become a detriment to our survival.

That is why I offer you these messages in their original form -- one track, one take, musical and vocal arrangements… recorded in real-time… with their entire frequency range.

Many of the songs are recorded with children in the room. Occasionally, their themes and sounds influence the events. The Messages are conveyed without premeditation or contrived timing.

Thus, one may be able to come to an increased understanding of the Universe, increase their brain activity, and improve their agility in timing by exposure to the following:

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