A Brownstone Overlooking Rittenhouse Square
by Nicki Marian

Phew .. up three flights of stairs to my apartment! Upon opening the front door, I was led down a long hall to a living-room with a fireplace AND a wondrous balcony overlooking a park. To one side was a tiny 'pullman' kitchen; it was narrow, an understatement, with just enough room for a little stove, a bitty ice-box and some storage space for dishes. There must have been a sink. No matter, though as I didn't know how to cook nor did I care to learn. The kitchen was shielded by a folding door with shutters. Going back down the hall, to the left, was a large bedroom with a fireplace and a bathroom. All of the floors were dark hardwood. The address? The rent? Haven't the foggiest.

The three-story brownstone did have an elevator. It was to be run by the super of the building; however, both of them worked sporadically to say the least. Also, the super was to pick up my trash and garbage which I was to put in a large paper bag and set outside my front door. Really? H'mmm! Later, that's where the closet near the front door came in handy.

I managed to buy a bed, dresser, couch, a table for eating with a couple of chairs and throw rugs for here and there. The furniture, as well as appropriate linens, were delivered. How? Who remembers?

Someone in the building told me that we were living in "The John Wanamaker House" and that the park was "Rittenhouse Square". So? Big WOW! I was on my way to becoming an actress. " Jasper Deeter, here I come!"

P.S. How did my acting career end in front of a Justice of the Peace? Later....

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