by Nicki Marian

Did the Master/Sergeant become a civilian? There was a knock at my apartment door sometime in October and guess who was there in civies? Yes, Joe had been honorably discharged from the Army and was ready to 'tie-the-knot'!

New clothes were in order and we shopped at the Wana-whatever Department Store. I have a vague recollection of loud raucous music coming from an organ in the courtyard. Shortly after the shopping, a cab took us to the courthouse to complete forms and then we went somewhere for blood tests. It's a blur.

Eventually, we found a Justice of the Peace to marry us. A cab took us to an address on Passyunk Avenue ... it is still on a current map! The J.P. was E. David Keiser,"Minister of the Gospel, Justice of the Peace or Magistrate". Someone stood up for us and, after the ceremoney, we toasted, wined and dined at The Bellevue Stratford Hotel.

An aside regarding E. David Keiser ... he became a judge and and presided at one of the many trials of Lenny Bruce, his 'blue humor' and other problems.

Upon returning to my ... woops, I mean OUR apartment, it dawned on me that it was necessary to bid farewell to Hedgerow and my buds. There would be no more shouts of "Rendezvous" and emoting from the balcony! The only closet available to Joe was the one in the hallway. When he opened the door, I still shudder remembering what tumbled and rolled out. Then... and then there was no dustpan- etc. etc. I had married an extremely fastidious bachelor!

Later, we toured everything in Philadelphia ... Market Street, The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, William Penn's something, Washington Square, Betsy Ross's something. Name it, I was dragged there.

We ate many times in the WanaMAKER (yes, Joe!) Department Store Restaurant, an inovation in itself. Did we really live in the John Wanamaker 'row-house' apartment? Who, exactly, was this man? Read on!

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