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The very principle(s) that our overall democracy is built on: Fair access to information
-- Statement of FCC Chairman William E. Kennard
April 21, 1999

The "i browse" experiment is an attempt at achieving 100% access to information and communication with 0% human rights violations. (volunteers and feedback welcome)

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Q: What is this experiment about?
A: In 1994, we started publishing on the world wide web. From the very beginning, it was our desire for the information and communications to be accessible by 100% of the population. After all, why would you want it any other way?

We didn't know whether anyone would come. However, within that first day of operations, information about viewership started "pouring in." We understood the severe consequences that might result from our behavior. In particular, we realized it was our responsibility to take precautions to protect against the misuse of that information.

We also knew that a reasonable person would not want to endanger any other individual when it came to consumer privacy and security. In particular, we made policy decisions on "push" versus "pull." That is to say -- if someone comes to one of our servers, we would attempt to:

This has been one of the goals of our original experiment. We are still trying to reach our goal.

Besides our own standards, we have also looked to the government and other sources for good information. Our guidelines and standards are based, in part, on the following:

We can not guarantee 100% access to information and communication with 0% human rights violations (though it is our attempt.)

Index of websites that try to meet our standards.

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