The Chaos Theory & The Blues:
How Carl Gardner & The Coasters sneezed causing The Beatles to impact The Chaos Theory.

The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment

The Chaos Theory explains the impact of the Blues on modern music.

Carl Gardner & the Coasters
The Beatles
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The Chaos Theory

In general, the Chaos Theory is the study of forever changing complex systems. The specific complex system being studied at is the human mind (The Experiment). The method for examining the human mind - the impact of the Blues on modern music.

Whereas the science of Chaos tends to focus on mathematical concepts of recursive process or a set of differential equations, The Experiment models a system based on the creation of music.

The publishing of The Experiment was started December 25, 1994 and is on-going.

Three Cool Cats

In the year 1958, Carl Gardner & The Coasters recorded the Leiber-Stoller song, 3 Cool Cats. Who would have thought that some ten years later The Beatles would cover the song? Not only would they cover the song, but they also experimented with it. This spirit for experimentation has continued to make modern music resemble a chaotic system.

If you would like to add to the chaos, feel free to obtain a free copy.

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  1. Carl Gardner's 3 Cool Cats 6M
  2. The Beatles' 3 Cool Cats 949k
  3. coolend.wav 3M


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