(... But, it's not) Like Being with You

There is me. And, there is you. And, there is everything else.

First, I must know me. Then I must know everything else... before I know you. Yet, no matter how well I get to know myself and everything else, there is nothing quite like the "basic instinct" of being with you. And, I've known that all along.

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About This Song

Though the sound of this song is futuristic, it's roots are those of traditional American music. This experiment in Acoustics of the Chaos Theory tries to explain where a futuristic song comes from and why it takes its shape.

A thread through time has been found that goes back through The Beatles. In the late sixties, Paul, John, George and Ringo were on the cutting edge of the relationship between mind and body. Their rendition of Carl Gardner's One Cool Cat is a fine example. The song's lyrics are about knowing oneself and about being with someone else. Through music, the Beatles transcended into a surreal world. And, that is what this song is about - transcending to a "higher" plane while continuing to feel the Earthly feeling of pining.

I've been to the center of the Earth, but it's not like being with you.

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