What is publishing?

As the first company devoted soley to internet music and multimedia publishing, Glistening Trail Records has attempted to lead by example.

Though we consider our efforts to publish on the internet to be groundbreaking, it was our hope that ASCAP would recognize the sigificance of the world wide web and internet publishing. Our application for Publisher Membership included a cassette recording of what we are publishing on the internet, as well as, our web address. As a matter of courtesy, we also asked for help contacting some of their members concerning copyrights and publishing.

Our application for Publisher Membership was returned because we did not submit "proper proof of publication". Our requests for proper channels to obtain liscening agreements, etc., went unanswered. Therefore, we were forced to start our own publishers guild.

One of the original snailmail letters to ASCAP has been converted to a webpage.

Glistening Trail Records

October 10, 1995

Index Dept.
New York, NY

Re: Sailor Music

Dear Madam:

Pursuant to our recent conversation, I would like to notify Sailor Music of our intentions to release a cover version of Steve Miller's "Fly Like an Eagle." Since I am new to the publishing business, your guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. A separate letter has been sent regarding Superhype Music, Inc. (for Led Zepplin's "Whole Lotta Love" and "Black Country Woman"), as well as, a membership request for our publishing company, The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment.

When I visited your world wide web site, I could not locate any data on the process of obtaining permission. Information on both the ethics and legalities would be quite useful. Can this be found on-line? If not, could it be mailed?

Please note that our company publishes it's correspondence in The Internet Gazette (anonymously, of course). Should you have any concerns about our publishing practices, please contact us at any of the addresses listed below.

Thank you. I shall await your advice.


PO Box 994, Blue Bell, PA 19422
email: help@membrane.com

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