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Garrison Greene - New Construction Townhomes - Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by maintenance free?
At Garrison Greene, a monthly community fee will take care of mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, maintaining the landscaping planted by the builder and plowing the snow on the common areas. In addition, the association will take care of the most of the exterior maintenance on your home, including cleaning your gutters and periodically painting your front and garage doors, and the wood trim on your home. In addition, a portion of the monthly fee is put into a reserve fund for the eventual replacement of your roof, repaving the streets and other long-term planned maintenance items. Other maintenance services can be provided for a fee after the warranty period by the association, such as replacing a shutter or down spout.

What maintenance am I responsible for?
A chart that shows the responsibilities of the association and those of the homeowner will be provided to you. For example, the association will remove the snow from the streets and public sidewalks, but you will be responsible to shovel the snow and remove the ice from your own driveway and the walkway from your driveway to your home.

What kind of warranty comes with my home?
A detailed description of the warranty coverage which Michael Anthony Homes provides is in the Homeowner's Manual, which you will receive when you put a deposit on a new home at Garrison Greene.

What if a tree dies on my lot or some shingles blow off my roof?
If your home is still under the buider's warranty, you will send a letter, fax or e-mail to the Michael Anthony Homes Warranty Department. After the warranty, you will contact the association management company. They will arrange to have the repair done. If the item is an association item on the responsibility chart, there will be no charge to you. If it is a shared responsibility on the chart, the association management firm will bill you for the service provided. Either way, they will take care of hiring the appropriate contractor and, because they work with these contractors on a regular basis, they will be able to get the work done quickly and at a good price.

How much is the community fee?
The initial fee is $125, which covers both this exterior maintenance and insurance on the building. There is also a one-time $500 fee when you make settlement on your new home which goes into the Homeowners Association reserve account.

What kind of insurance do I need?
You will need to obtain an HO6 policy from your insurance agent. Some insurance agents will call this condominium insurance. Garrison Greene is not a condominium, but this policy will cover the contents of your home and other components that the Association's insurance cannot cover, such as some upgraded items in your home. Having the Association cover the insurance on the structure of your new home saves you approximately $60 per year in premiums and gives you the protection that every home in your community is covered by insurance, protecting your property values and allowing a quick response to rebuilding compared to each individual owner needing to resolve their own insurance settlement.

What about trash removal?
Curbside trash removal is included in your monthly community fee.

What will I actually own?
Each homeowner at Garrison Greene will own their own home, which is described to the center of the common walls, and a legally described lot. The Association documents provide cross easements between lots so that every homeowner in the community is permitted to freely cross every other lot in the community should they need to, as well as describe the restrictions on the lots. Your sales counselor will provide you with a metes and bounds plan and the dimensions of the home site you select.

May I fence my lot or put up a shed?
The Association documents do not permit any fences or other structures be erected on the lots. This rule protects your property values by prohibiting your future neighbors from putting up swing sets, sheds, or pools or fencing animals in the line of sight of your home. In addition, it allows the landscape contractor to mow the lawn area without obstruction.

What am I allowed to do in my yard?
You may have lawn furniture on any hard surface like a deck. In addition, you may plant flowers within six feet of your foundation wall. If you do plant additional flowers or landscaping around your home, you will be responsible to maintain the entire landscaped bed.

May I make changes to my home after settlement?
No one may make any changes to the exterior of their home without obtaining the permission of the board of directors of the homeowners association. Communities with associations that provide architectural control enjoy consistently higher property values and better relationships between neighbors than those without these protective covenants. The management company will make regular inspections of the community to make sure that the lawns, landscaping and exterior of the homes are properly maintained and are in compliance with the community's by-laws. In addition, they will respond to any complaints of homes that are violating the associations' protective covenants.

Who runs the Association?
Initially the board of directors who decide all Association matters is made up of people appointed by the builder, but residents of the community gradually replace these members as the homes are sold. The board will be made up entirely of residents elected by the homeowners prior to the completion of the community. The current board of directors has contracted with Midatlantic Management Corporation of Plymouth Meeting to collect the monthly community fees, to contract for services and work with homeowners' questions. Midatlantic Management handles more than 19,000 homes in 120 communities in the Philadelphia region. The Association gets its authority from a declaration that is recorded with the plans for the community and by-laws developed to support that declaration. You will receive a complete set of these documents prior to signing an Agreement of Sale for a home at Garrison Greene.

Can I have pets?
You may have up to two normal household pets. All pets allowed to go outside must be kept on a leash, and while you may walk your dog anywhere on the property, you must remove and dispose of any waste.

Who will own the streets?
When all the construction in the community is completed, the builder will top coat the streets and deed them to the association. Whitemarsh Township has permission to patrol and inspect the streets. The Washington Tower Apartments are permitted to use the association's entrance road to gain access as far as their parking lot only. The owner of the apartments pays a proportionate share of the cost of maintaining and plowing the street as well as mowing the lawn and maintaining the landscaping along the entrance driveway.

Can I park on the street?
There is no parking permitted on the streets. Every home at Garrison Greene will have an oversized garage large enough for a car and additional storage and a driveway large enough to park an additional car. In addition there will be 90 guest-parking spaces in the southern part of the community.

Will there be streetlights?
Yes, there will be streetlights installed along the entrance road and throughout the community. Unlike other neighborhoods in Whitemarsh Township, where residents get a bill with their taxes for street lights and fire hydrants, these charges are included in the monthly community fee.

What kind of heat will my home have?
The homes at Garrison Greene will have natural gas forced hot air heat. Every home in the community has its own gas and electric meters.

What should I budget for utility costs on my home?
We have estimated what your monthly utilities will be for your new home in Garrison Greene. The sewer authority charges a flat fee of $128.00 per year, which comes to $10.67 a month. Your PECO bill, for gas and electric, may be $225.00 per month, with water at approximately $27.00 per month, for a total of $263.00 per month. Please understand that this is just an estimate. Your individual usage varies depending on many factors, like how long you like to shower and how high you run your air conditioning in the summer.

Do I get a deck with my home?
Every home gets an approximately 100 square foot deck. Some home sites can accommodate optional expansions to that deck. Ask your sales counselor to review those options with you.

Where is the closest shopping?
The closest shopping center which has a supermarket is about one mile south on Bethlehem Pike, in Flourtown. It hosts a Genuardis supermarket as well as a K-Mart. There is another shopping center about l/2 mile further, which has an Acme supermarket. If you travel north or south on Bethlehem Pike, you will find a large variety of stores. Ask your community manager for a copy of our Community Guide, which gives you phone numbers of many community services.

How much are the taxes?
The actual taxes assessed after settlement and is usually based on the purchase price of the home. We anticipate the taxes on the homes will be approximately $2,800. per year.

How much cash will I need to purchase a home?
At the time you sign an agreement of sale for your new home you will need to pay a deposit equal to 5% of the cost of the home and the options you have decided to include. When you go to settlement on your new home, you will need to pay closing costs, which include transfer taxes, title insurance, real estate taxes, mortgage company charges and the capital contribution to the Homeowners Association. A detailed listing of these charges will be included in your Agreement of Sale.

Is there any special financing available?
If you have concerns or questions about financing, please talk to our community manager.

What does the $125 community fee cover?
Everyone who purchases a home at Garrison Greene automatically becomes a member of the Garrison Greene Homeowners Association. When you place a deposit on a home at Garrison Greene you will receive a copy of the Declaration of Covenants, the By Laws and a proposed budget for the Garrison Greene Homeowners Association.

The protective covenants included in these documents were created to insure that your community continues to be maintained in a consistent manner at a minimum of expense and bother for you. While the Association is controlled by a Board of Directors that will eventually be made up of residents of the community, a professional management company hired by the builder performs most of the services. This company keeps a list of appropriate contractors and inspects their work. The management company is experienced in bidding and buying these services for the best price and quality. And, they have full time trained staff available to handle your questions.

Knowing that the association will step in and make sure that appropriate repairs are done to every home in the neighborhood gives you the assurance that that no home will be allowed to deteriorate, become an eyesore and devalue your own home.

These documents also contain rules and regulations that have been effective in protecting property values and promoting the quiet enjoyment of the residents in many other fine communities. For example, you cannot make any changes to the exterior of your home without first obtaining the permission of the Association. This protects you from the possibility that one of your neighbors might decide their home might look better with pink siding or that they would like to put a swing set in their backyard where you would see it from your deck.

Some of the association provided services are immediate, like mowing your lawn or saving you money on your homeowner's insurance. Some are required by the municipality, like maintaining the private streets. Others are more long-term. For example, a part of your $125 is put into a reserve fund, which, as it matures, will provide the funds for major expenses like replacing the roof on your entire building, or repaving the streets and driveways in your community.

The list below is provided to further illustrate the services the Association will provide. It is not meant as a substitute to Declaration of Protective Covenants, Easements and Restrictions for Garrison Greene and the By Laws of the Garrison Greene Homeowners Association, but rather to help explain the content of those documents.

Your $125 monthly community fee includes:

Many items on your home may never need to be repaired or replaced. Or the maintenance they may require is not consistent throughout the community. In these cases the Association will arrange to have the work done when it is needed and will bill you for your proportionate share of the contracted job:

In turn you are responsible for the following items: *** Please note that any changes to the exterior of your home, other than those specifically permitted in the documents, must be approved by the Association. ***

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