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another humanistic project entitled

Yore Killin' Me!!
skull & crossbones

This mulitmedia album help lead us to our latest project:
A Feast to Benefit Humankind

Click here for the music and video. Disproportionate disportment in life makes Jack & Jill a little ill, mired in deep dark and wretched swill.

But there is hope, for at least they have a pail! Wait a minute, where are they gonna put all of that swill anyhow?

In your backyard... that's where!!!

Over the years, the human dilemma continues.
Yore killin' me, can you hear? Are you listening?!?

Yes, life is full of schizophrenic dualism. (28k wav) In fact, everything that we humans do is in direct opposition to the ends we struggle to achieve. In order to ensure our own survival, we must push others down, who in turn, in order to maintain their own survival push us down. And so on and on and on. Rampant endless parallel dualism is killing you, and it is killing me.

In this album, the Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers inadvertently explore this realm of human progress mired in selfishness. Life then, is a continuous undoing, every move we make works towards our own demise. Whatever we are doing tends towards our own undoing. By mining for coal to keep warm, we undermine the foundation of the earth we're standing upon.

In which direction does the spiraling cycle move? Up or down? Or is it just a matter of perspective? The answer is simply or obtusely, embroiled in existence.

Well, this album kinda explores this stuff... you figure it out.

All music and lyrics are recorded spontaneously.

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