You Warm My Heart

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It's so cold out,
I almost forgot about,
The warmth in my heart,
And, it's enough to start,
A fire of desire.

A desire to spread the love,
Given from above,
Let it reign down on me,
Let it rain down on me,
A firestorm of goodwill,
That will spill,
Onto every street,
Over all I meet,
Selfless giving,
Without end,
Is the message,
This season sends,
Throughout every age,
To all things living --
Let love be your Lord,
It's not something,
You need hoard,
The more you donate,
The more you create,
Your well will never go dry,
So, why not give it a try?

Let your passion,
Be your fashion,
Wear it on the outside,
It's nothing to hide,
Let it show,
So, that everyone will know,
And, that which you radiate,
Will eliminate hate,
Starting to create,
A piece of peace,
Where you can reside,
With the Prince Of Peace,
By your side.

It won't be a merry Christmas,
We all partake,
With more "give,"
And, less "take,"
So, for heaven sake,
Let's embark,
Out of the dark,
With our love shinning bright,
Ahh... what a beautiful sight,
On Christmas night.

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