The Bestowed King

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Though he never made the claim,
All in all the facts remain the same,
He is the king of everything,
Son of something that is no thing,
His mother the omnipotent being,
That can not be seen,
Yet, it still makes sense,
Though, She can't be sensed,
She created Her boy,
For us to enjoy,
Making him of flesh and bone,
So, he could lead us to The Promised Home.

He never claimed to be King of everything,
He didn't claim to be King of anything,
It was a title bestowed upon him,
So, let us praise him with a hymn,
The King Of Everything.

Let the angels sing,
The King Of Everything,
Let the heavenly spirit,
Hear it!
The King Of Everything,
Hear the angels sing,
The King Of Everything,
Let the sound ring,
The King Of Everything,
What do you bring,
The King Of Everything.

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