Yet Another Christmas Song (Part 2)

Yet Another Christmas Song (Part 2) .mp3

Every once-in-a-while notice God is living on Earth
To all creation She gave birth
Now, She’s part of everything you do
Now, She’s everywhere… inside and out of you

An omnipresent presence for your Christmas present
An omniscient pleasure. In your image!

Every once in a while consider your worth
A 3D model… in depth, height and girth
Representing Her in all you do
Bring the goodness from the inside out of you

Bringing life, comfort and joy for now and evermore
Forever getting better… faith, hope and more
May Her peace forever endure

F / D
F / D / C / D
D / C

Written on November 4, 2012 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Daniel - Vocals, Piano

from the album Last Christmas by Daniel Brouse

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